Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Deland, Florida

Drug testing has a multitude of uses in the modern world, ranging from protecting employers from liability to being a part of allowing people recovering from substance abuse issues to function more openly in the real world. In Deland, Florida, drug testing falls under the category of “trust, but verify,” wherein people have to back up their claims when others may face the fallout of their decisions.

Drug testing is less about substance abuse in Deland and more about accountability and responsibility. The reason employers test for drugs for certain classes of employees is due to the fact that if a job has the potential to put other people at risk, the company is responsible for limiting that risk. Similarly, if someone on the road to sobriety seeks to leave a long-term recovery program and go out in the world, regular drug testing is a way to allow that while keeping the person in recovery accountable to their loved ones and friends. Accepting accountability is a huge part of recovery, and in some cases, a drug test is a key to that acceptance.

How can Deland residents find the best drug testing facilities for their needs? This guide explains.

Deland Drug Testing Centers

Despite the name, “drug testing” does not test for drugs themselves. This misconception is thanks in part to tests such as the breathalyzer, which examines the breath for concentrations of ethanol, but it is not a drug test. A drug test looks instead for the signs of drug use that doctors have determined can be found in the body. Everything you consume, from your coffee to the aspirin you take when you have a headache, is broken down by your body, or metabolized, into constituent chemicals. Those chemicals, on their own, or bonding with other chemicals, are called “metabolites.” Finding metabolites is a key part of many medical tests, not just drug tests; a doctor may use a metabolite test to find a vitamin D deficiency, for example.

Similarly, metabolites are expressed in all parts of the body in differing concentrations for different periods of time. The most well-known drug testing specimen is urine, which is commonly used as it is the easiest to extract and generally offers a good overall picture of possible drug use. However, sweat, saliva, hair, and blood may also be extracted and tested depending on what drug you are testing for and how recent the possible use may be.

Finally, another myth of drug testing is that it is “one-stop shopping,” or that after you give a specimen, all drugs can be found. Types of drug tests in Deland are divided into panels, so you cannot test for every known drug with the same test. As a rule, standard drug tests are five-panel tests, looking for marijuana, cocaine, opiates, amphetamines, and phencyclidine (aka PCP.) For other drugs, such as steroids, a panel will need to be added, or a different test performed altogether.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

Nearly any medical facility can perform some form of drug test, but which you use should depend heavily both on the services they offer and the recommendations provided to you by a professional. A good drug testing lab in Deland will offer a high degree of accuracy, will deliver speedy results, will have a long record of providing high-quality tests, and will protect the privacy of anyone that it screens. Drug testing facilities in Deland will often need to request a detailed medical history, such as a list of legal medications a person being screened may be using. Because Deland drug testing facilities have access to personal client information, look for a facility that has a reputation for maintaining confidentiality for its clients.

Generally, your search for a Deland drug testing facility should begin with a family doctor or similar medical professional familiar with the past medical history of the person being screened. In some cases, your doctor may be able to perform the test on site, depending on his or her affiliation with local hospitals and the lab resources to hand. If not, he or she will be able to refer you to an independent lab and keep the results for you.

Insurance providers may also be able to help you track down an appropriate facility. This is especially true of employers, who may be required to drug test for insurance purposes and will need to locate a lab that can handle a high volume of participants. Of course, you can simply contact local facilities such as The Recovery Village directly and discuss drug testing with them in a safe, caring environment.

Drug testing is an act of responsibility towards others, and it deserves the best possible facilities as a result. Taking care to find the right drug testing facility in Deland will not just ensure accurate results, but ensure that the people being screened will more easily accept their accountability. Call The Recovery Village today to discuss testing facilities in the Deland area.