Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Deerfield Beach, Florida

On your wedding day, you vowed to stay with your spouse for better or worse. When you made those vows, it was probably hard for you to imagine the “worse,” because of the love you felt for your partner. There is a quote by Doug Larson that says, “More marriages might survive if the partners realized that sometimes the better comes after the worse.” Tough times can descend upon your marriage unexpectedly, making it hard to stay together. Marriage counseling in Deerfield Beach can help.

Marriage Counseling in Deerfield Beach, Florida

If you are headed for divorce, marriage counseling can help you work through issues and strengthen your relationship. If intimacy is lacking in your relationship, marriage therapy can deepen your connection and teach you new ways of relating. Couples who have received marriage counseling in Deerfield Beach report positive changes in many areas of their life, and relationships.

The most common benefits demonstrated by marriage therapy studies include: improvement in partner, family, and co-worker relationships, increased work productivity, better social life, and improved emotional and general health. Participants also report more active community involvement.

Marriage and family therapy can address problems such as:

  • couple conflict
  • substance abuse
  • sexual dysfunction
  • parent-child conflict
  • issues surrounding grief
  • eating disorders
  • weight problems
  • eldercare issues

Deerfield Beach family therapy programs can also help your family navigate the effects of mental health disorders such as depression, anxiety, and schizophrenia. When one family member is living with mental illness, everyone in your family is affected. Family counseling in Deerfield Beach assists family members struggling with the effects of mental illness.

Similarly, if one family member is in need of addiction treatment in Deerfield Beach, the entire family may need to participate in therapy designed to deal with substance abuse and its effect on the family dynamic.

Deerfield Beach Marriage Therapy

The primary goal of marriage therapy is to help you and your partner learn more about each other and to teach you effective problem-solving skills. A skilled marriage therapist begins by setting therapy goals with you and by designing a plan for therapy. This preparation will help you and your spouse understand the process and what to expect. Marriage counseling is relationship-focused, but self-awareness and self-improvement by both parties is required for success.

Your first session with a marriage counselor is also the time for you to learn about the therapist’s credentials, and to decide if the therapist is compatible with you as a couple. During this visit, your therapist will also listen to both parties describe the issues that brought you there. Additionally, before therapy begins, your counselor will explain the rules of conduct regarding information sharing, to be observed during and after sessions.

The process of therapy will teach you and your spouse healthy communication skills and effective listening skills. During the course of couple’s therapy, you will discover new things and learn how to support each other in new ways. Conflict between partners is expected during counseling sessions, but an ethical therapist supports both parties and favors neither side.

Marriage therapy sessions are typically held once per week. However, your therapy plan may also include individual and group therapy sessions. Some marriage therapists include individual therapy sessions for each partner as a standard part of treatment. You may also request individual sessions, if needed. Marriage counseling in Deerfield Beach can strengthen your relationship, but a positive outcome ultimately depends upon your commitment to the process, and your motivation as a couple.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When searching online for “marriage counseling near me”, you will find marriage and family counseling programs offered throughout Deerfield Beach. Typical locations for marriage and family therapy counseling include group practices, university counseling centers, and private therapy practices. There are several important considerations when selecting a marriage counselor, including:

  • Is the therapist specifically trained in marriage counseling?
  • Does he or she have experience with your type of marital issues?
  • Will he or she develop a plan for therapy prior to counseling?
  • Can he or she remain neutral and compassionate to both sides?
  • Can he or she maintain control of each session?
  • Can he or she stop partners from interrupting each other? 
  • Is he or she easily accessible?
  • Does he or she encourage feedback regarding offered services?
  • Can you afford the fees?

You will also discover that some marriage therapists offer online marriage counseling, where you can conveniently video chat with your therapist from home.

Family Therapy Deerfield Beach, FL

Everyone’s family is different. Family members are the first people who love you and hurt you. You learn how to form relationships and how to treat others from your parents and siblings. No family is perfect, so it is likely that you learned some unhealthy relationship skills while growing up. Deerfield Beach family therapy helps family members acquire healthier relationship and coping skills to create stronger family bonds.

Deerfield Beach Family Counseling

Family counseling in Deerfield Beach can provide your family with the support and guidance you need during times of crisis and change. Marriage and family therapy programs also help your family cope with a family member’s mental illness and unsettling behavioral issues. Strategic family therapy combines techniques and practices from several types of therapy, including behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, and others.

Structural family therapy brings your family together to work through and heal any emotional, mental, or psychological issues destroying family relationships. Family counseling services also equip family members with strong communication skills and efficient problem-solving skills.  Family counseling in Deerfield Beach can help your family navigate special family circumstances and gain deeper understanding to create a happier home life.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When you are searching for family counseling in Deerfield Beach, you can Google “family counseling near me”. You may also use an online therapist locator to find a family counseling center in your area.

Other helpful resources to find Deerfield Beach family therapy include:

Health Insurance Plan: Contacting your insurance carrier can assist you in locating therapists who take your insurance. This will help you with the cost of receiving professional help.

Family Doctor: Your family physician has probably worked with other families struggling with similar issues. Therefore, your doctor is a helpful resource for finding Deerfield Beach family therapy services.

Personal Recommendations: Perhaps you have a friend who has used a family therapist. Ask them about their experience. They may be able to help you find a qualified therapist you like.

If you are struggling with marital issues, or if problems are tearing your family apart, marriage and family therapy can help. Sometimes, unexpected events and illness can strain relationships, leaving you feeling helpless and hopeless. Deerfield Beach family therapy can bring your family closer and help you build stronger, happier relationships. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to access marriage and family therapists in the Deerfield Beach area.