Substance Abuse Counseling in Davenport, Florida

It is said that “sobriety is a journey, not a destination”. If you or someone you love is drowning in addiction to drugs or alcohol, addiction counseling in Davenport, Florida can shine a light on the path to sobriety.  Substance abuse counseling is similar to psychotherapy and is an essential component of rehabilitation.

Working one-on-one with a substance abuse counselor in Davenport can help you discover the primary cause of your dependence on drugs or alcohol. Substance abuse counselors listen and support you. Together, you and your addiction counselor will explore and work through behavioral patterns and emotional or psychological blocks contributing to addiction.

The Recovery Village can help you find a substance abuse counselor in Davenport. We offer helpful information and resources for anyone struggling with substance abuse, including many options for substance abuse counseling near you.

Davenport, Florida Addiction Counseling

An addiction counselor in Davenport supports and guides you through all phases of rehabilitation. During substance abuse counseling sessions, you can share your physical and emotional struggles with a compassionate professional. This counselor will help you through times of crisis and assist you in discovering the root cause of your addictive behavior.

A licensed alcohol and drug counselor is typically trained in the fields of psychology, chemical therapy, therapeutic methods, and human behavior. This training qualifies substance abuse counselors to guide you through each stage of recovery. An addiction counselor in Davenport will also help you establish treatment goals and design a plan for therapy. Group therapy sessions may also be included in substance abuse counseling programs.  Additionally, substance abuse programs may include:

  • Recommendations for 12-step or group therapy sessions
  • Learning positive coping methods
  • Arrangements for post-treatment and sober living plans
  • The re-establishment of career and employment

In addition to finding a qualified addiction counselor, it is important to find one that you like and trust. A substance abuse counselor in Davenport who is compassionate, supportive, and helpful is important for successful rehabilitation.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor

A licensed drug counselor can help if you are addicted to narcotics, prescription medications, stimulates or opiates. Drug counseling has many components, including one-on-one therapy and referral to 12-step group support programs and treatment facilities. A qualified drug and alcohol counselor will listen and support you throughout recovery and assist you with any co-existing psychological disorders you may have.

If you are looking for a professional addiction counselor in Davenport, Psychology Today’s online database of local substance abuse counselors can help. Each listing includes credentials, experience, and services provided to assist you in finding an addiction counselor to fit your needs.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor

If you are considering treatment for alcohol addiction, or are already working through recovery, a certified alcohol and drug counselor can ensure success. An addiction counselor may help you begin rehabilitation, refer you to group support programs, and work with you through all phases of recovery.

Locating a substance abuse counselor in Davenport through The National Association for Addiction Professionals will ensure you are getting the best care possible. The National Association for Addiction Professionals requires all substance abuse counselors, social workers, and administrators to acquire a state license prior to certification. This licensing guarantees you are receiving professional quality care.

Drug Addiction Counselor Davenport, FL

A drug addiction counselor in Davenport assists people struggling with drug addiction by listening and helping them work through psychological and emotional issues. Drug and alcohol counseling can help you discover the reason for addiction, so you can move forward in healing. The Recovery Village has representatives to assist you with drug counseling and rehabilitation programs in your area.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

There are several ways to locate a qualified substance abuse counselor in Davenport. A Google search can help you find substance abuse programs in your area, including client reviews. Other helpful resources to find a local drug and alcohol counselor include:

Health Insurance Provider: Your insurance carrier can identify substance abuse counselors who take your insurance. This can help alleviate some of the cost of receiving counseling.

Family Physician: Your personal doctor is a good source for finding an addiction counselor in Davenport. Because physicians may see other patients with substance use disorders, they have insight into quality addiction counseling programs in your local area.

Friends and Co-workers: Perhaps a friend or co-worker has worked with a substance abuse counselor in Davenport. Ask them for a recommendation to find a qualified addiction counselor near you.

24-Hour Hotline: You may contact The Recovery Village 24-hour hotlines for assistance with substance abuse counseling. Call 1-800-252-6465 for information on alcohol counseling, and 1-800-821-4357 for information about local drug addiction counseling programs.

If you or any of your loved ones are living a life of addiction, substance abuse counseling can be the first step in healing. If you want to change, you will need help along the way. The Recovery Village has compassionate, caring representatives to assist you. Reach out for information on how you can begin your journey to wellness.