Finding an Interventionist in Davenport, Florida

Sometimes when someone is struggling with substance abuse, it takes an intervention to help them see this addiction and get them on track for addiction treatment and rehab in Davenport. However, an intervention can do more than this. It can also help the family put their lives back together while learning how to help, instead of enabling, their loved one.

Once family members can see an addiction, they can reach out to an interventionist for help. Sometimes, however, it is difficult to see through what their loved one has created. The most effective interventions do begin with family and loved ones identifying the problem, admitting it, and reaching out for help.

When looking for an interventionist in Davenport, Florida, it is a good idea to find one with experience with addictions to the same substance your loved one is using. Often this can make a big difference. Also, if there are other considerations, like anger issues, mental health conditions, or tendencies toward violence, you want an interventionist who can handle this with the appropriate support.

Each Davenport drug intervention is going to be unique as both the participants and the person with the addiction come with different stories and different backgrounds. An intervention will work best if everyone is comfortable with the interventionist, and it is usually up to the family to find and determine who will be best suited to hold this intervention. Some things to consider when deciding on the particular interventionist are credentials, experience, demeanor, and personality. Of course, how the interventionist will relate to the loved one is a big consideration.

Usually, drug interventionists will want an initial consultation, often by phone, to find out the details of the situation and about the person needing the intervention. This is a good time to not only share your story but also for you to learn about the interventionist.

You may want to develop a list of questions to ask that range from the interventionist’s personal background, credentials and experience to the protocol of the intervention (How is it handled? Is there any preparation? What if my loved one does not want treatment or help?), to what happens after the intervention. Answers to your questions can help you have an idea of the personal style and approach of intervention counselors in Davenport.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Davenport, FL

Not only does an effective intervention help get your loved one the treatment he or she needs, but it also should guide the family and loved ones on how to shift their own behaviors. Often times someone with a substance abuse issue trains their family and loved ones to enable them and keep them comfortable during their addiction. This is unhealthy behavior on everyone’s part.

Some families desperately believe that when things in their loved one’s life improve, the addictive behavior will stop, so they try to keep them comfortable until then. However, the comfort they are providing is only making the addiction worse. An interventionist can help turn these enabling behaviors around.

Davenport, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Most interventionists in Davenport follow particular steps during the intervention process:

Step 1 – Initial Consultation: This is the time to share information. Often this is where the interventionist can try to identify what is holding your loved one in addiction. It helps if everyone involved has the same understanding and same goal of getting your loved one clean.

Step 2 – Educate Family About Addiction: Not only is the goal of the intervention to get your loved one to treatment, but it is also to provide the family with strategies to help that loved one. Enabling behavior must end, and the family can begin to repair the damage.

Step 3 – Getting the Process Started: Once you have identified an addiction and you do not see any changes or know how to start the changes, get the process with the interventionist started. There is no use in waiting. The sooner your loved one can get help, the better it will be for everyone.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol interventions are one of the most common types of interventions. Davenport has many interventionists specializing in alcohol abuse. This is a tough one to take on alone because often the loved ones make excuses for alcohol use. This seems to be easier because alcohol is legal. Denial often plays a role here. However, an alcohol addiction is a dangerous thing, legal or not.

Davenport alcohol interventions do not focus on the amount your loved one is drinking but instead on the behaviors and actions that stem from alcohol. This is a serious disorder that affects many families. An intervention will help an addict find treatment and assist the family to make positive changes that will benefit everyone. Part of this is simply admitting there is a problem.

If you decide to take this step and have an intervention for your loved one, know you are not alone. You have many resources to find a reliable interventionist in Davenport, including:

  • Your insurance provider can refer interventionists in-network.
  • Your doctor can make recommendations and referrals.
  • You can use an online search to research local interventionists.
  • You can ask friends and coworkers who may have been through the same thing.

You can also reach out to The Recovery Village, and our caring staff can provide information on interventionists and subsequent treatment options. This is a big step in the right direction. You may, in fact, be saving your loved one’s life.