AA Meetings and NA Meetings in Davenport

Support groups are a beacon of hope for many people going through alcohol or substance abuse issues. For Davenport residents coping with such difficult situations, Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are helpful tools for moving forward. In these meetings, people just like you receive support and guidance that help them live a sober life.

Drug and alcohol rehab centers often incorporate both NA and AA meetings into their programs, but you can also find standalone groups all over Florida. In this guide, you will learn more about meetings for NA and AA in the Davenport area.

The benefit of a support group is that all group members can share experiences and advice. Many people rely on the help of those who are not necessarily family members or friends, but rather people who have been in similar situations before.

If you are curious about NA and AA meetings but are not quite sure where to begin, this guide will provide a useful introduction that helps you begin your journey to a bright future.

AA Meetings in Davenport, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous is open to individuals coping with drinking issues, and there are few other requirements. Groups have no religious or political requirements. Rather, group members focus on abiding by twelve steps that are meant to empower the individual.

Participating in AA groups can provide emotional and moral support. In these groups, individuals struggling with alcohol addiction tend to feel less lonely, more in control, and less depressed or anxious. Support group members develop a clear understanding of what they can expect in recovery, and they also learn more about treatment options.

Peer support allows AA meetings in Davenport to move forward. In some cases, individuals help each other pursue treatment that helps pave the way toward sobriety. Meetings promote coping skills and may allow you to find a network that truly helps you. The skills you learn in AA will stick with you for the rest of your life.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

Finding Davenport AA meetings is easier now than ever in the past. For instance, you can ask your doctor or health care provider (like a psychologist or even social worker) for local groups. You can search the web or contact a local community center or church.

Additionally, you will find it helpful to determine what kind of support group works best for you. Some people prefer large groups to small ones, whereas others are more focused on finding convenient locations. You may find a schedule that speaks to you or perhaps you want to attend a meeting where a mental health counselor is the leader.

You can also choose a meeting based on your needs. Are you looking for a co-ed group? Are you a family member of an alcoholic looking for support? Are you a smoker? Different types of groups may meet your needs best.

You may find that it takes a while to sift through group meetings. With so many different types of meetings to choose from, you can try a variety and get to know what works best for you. Davenport AA meetings include:

  • Island Club Resort (Cornerstone Baptist Church)
  • 3104 Sand Mine Rd.
  • Davenport, FL
  • Ridge Subdivision Community Center
  • 49473 Hwy 27
  • Davenport, FL

If you are looking for additional AA meetings, Davenport groups may also be found on the Alcoholics Anonymous website. You can also search the web to find additional meetings in the surrounding area.

NA Meetings in Davenport, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous is not as large as AA, but it is quite close. For decades, the organization has offered group meetings for individuals struggling with drug addiction. All that is required for NA members is that they wish to stop using drugs and use a form of the 12 steps in order to pursue this goal.

Transitioning into a sober life can be difficult, and a network may be required in recovery. Davenport NA meetings are open to the public and completely free to attend. Best of all, more than 67,000 meetings are available each week all over the world.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

If you are looking for NA meetings, Davenport will not disappoint. You can search the web for local meetings to find many choices throughout the state. You will find some differences between NA meetings. Davenport group members can help you work toward sobriety, but you must first find a group that works for you.

You will find a variety of group styles, ranging from leadership types to themes for discussion. Davenport NA meetings and locations include:

  • Gospel Community Church
  • 508 S. Boulevard East.
  • Davenport, FL
  • Cornerstone Baptist Church
  • 3100 Sand Mine
  • Davenport, FL
  • Ridge Subdivision Community Center
  • 49473 Hwy 27
  • Davenport, FL

Is the ideal Davenport NA meeting for you not listed here? You can search for other groups with the help of the Narcotics Anonymous website.

The Recovery Village understands that peer support groups often help pave the way to recovery. AA meetings and NA meetings are often essential components on the path to recovery. Whether you want to find meetings in your area or you are looking for treatment options, you can call The Recovery Village to learn more.