Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Crystal River, Florida

Is caring for aging parents tearing your family apart? It is not uncommon for women to find themselves sandwiched between their own families and caring for elderly parents. Being a caregiver for your parents can cause marital issues and problems with family members too. So what can you do?

Marriage and family therapy in Crystal River, Florida can help you and your family work through issues caused by eldercare and other life-changing circumstances. By addressing each family member’s behavior and reaction to unexpected and transitional events, family counseling works to help your family heal as a whole.

Marriage and family therapy can also help if you or other family members are struggling with mental health issues like depression, anxiety, or schizophrenia. Similarly, if someone in your family is in need of substance abuse treatment in Crystal River, marriage or family therapy can help the entire family heal from the wounds of addiction.

Marital conflict, sexual dysfunction, grief, parent-child conflict, childhood behavioral issues, eating disorders, and weight issues may all be helped through marriage and family counseling in Crystal River. Marriage and family therapy programs may provide individual counseling along with marriage and family counseling to help strengthen your marriage and heal your family.

Marriage Counseling in Crystal River, Florida

Marriage counseling in Crystal River can help you and your partner if you are separated or considering divorce. Also, if you and your spouse are struggling with intimacy, marriage therapy can help you create a stronger bond and find new ways of relating. Marriage counseling focuses on your relationship, but each partner must also work on self-awareness and self-improvement for counseling to succeed.

Research studies provide consistent evidence that marriage therapy is effective in treating an array of mental and emotional disorders. Clients repeatedly report positive outcomes in many areas including:

  • Relationship with partner
  • Family relationships
  • Work productivity
  • Co-worker relationships
  • Emotional health
  • Overall health
  • Social life and community involvement

Your first appointment with a marriage counselor lets the therapist learn why you are there, and allows the therapist to observe your interactions as a couple. The therapist will also help you set goals for counseling, and teach you any rules of therapy to be observed, during and after sessions. Additionally, this first session allows you and your partner to evaluate the therapist’s credentials and style, to determine if he or she is a good fit for both of you.

Crystal River Marriage Therapy

The goal of marriage therapy in Crystal River is to help you and your partner develop better listening and communication skills. Sometimes conflict will arise during therapy sessions, but a professionally trained, ethical therapist will never take sides. If needed, a therapist may include individual counseling in your treatment plan to help each partner work through troubling issues. Marriage therapy can improve your communication and problem-solving skills, but overall success requires both partners to work hard and to remain committed to the process.

Couples are typically required to participate in weekly therapy sessions, as well as individual and group therapy, as needed. Marriage counseling in Crystal River can be found at a variety of locations including university counseling centers and group and individual practices. You may also find marriage counseling offered online, where you can interact with your therapist via online conferencing software.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When you are searching online for “marriage counseling near me,” there are 10 important questions to consider before choosing a counselor:

  1. Has he or she received the required training for marriage counseling?
  2. Is he or she experienced with the type of problems you are experiencing?
  3. Does he or she develop a plan for therapy before beginning counseling?
  4. Does he or she maintain control of your sessions?
  5. Is he or she compassionate toward both partners?
  6. Does he or she allow both parties time to speak without interruption?
  7. Does he or she remain neutral during a conflict?
  8. Is he or she easy to reach?
  9. Can you afford his or her service?
  10. Does he or she ask for feedback about the services?

Knowing what to expect from your therapist helps you evaluate his or her competency and determine his or her compatibility with both you and your spouse.

Family Therapy Crystal River, FL

From the moment you were born, your family began teaching you about love and relationships. As a child, you observed your parent’s interactions or lack thereof. You experienced the unique ways your mother and father expressed affection for you and for each other. You internalized thoughts expressed by those around you and responded to the love that you did or did not receive.

If you witnessed and experienced healthy relationships as a child, you probably have no problem developing healthy relationships as an adult. If your family was dysfunctional, like many families, then you may not be able to form close bonds with anyone easily. Crystal River family therapy can give you the tools you need to create healthier relationships. Family therapy works with all family members to help them navigate tough issues and create stronger family ties.

Crystal River Family Counseling

Family counseling in Crystal River can help your family work through times of significant change and life-altering events. Crystal River family therapy also helps families cope with an individual family member’s behavioral issues or mental illness. Family counseling can help family members develop better communication and problem-solving skills to create stronger, happier relationships.

Structural family therapy is designed to help your family resolve any mental, emotional, or psychological issues causing discord and division among family members. Strategic family therapy combines several techniques and strategies including cognitive therapy, behavioral therapy, individual, and interpersonal therapies, to help your family heal. Family counseling in Crystal River gives your family the tools and communication skills you need to build a healthier, happier home life.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

You may search online for “family counseling near me,” to find local family counseling services. Other helpful resources for finding Crystal River family therapy services include:

Your insurance carrier – Locating family counseling in Crystal River through your health insurance plan can lessen the cost of receiving professional help.

Your doctor – Because your family physician has most likely helped other families struggling with similar issues, he or she can recommend a marriage counseling center in your area.

Your friends and coworkers – If you have a friend or know a family who has utilized family counseling in Crystal River, ask them about their experience. A personal recommendation is a great way to find a qualified counselor.

Online referrals – Often you will find client testimonials and reviews when you search online for Crystal River family therapy. This can help you select a good therapist. You may also use an online therapist locator to find counseling in your area.

Having a happy, loving family is one of the best things in life. If you are experiencing what seems like insurmountable marriage and family issues, family counseling services can help. With the help of family counseling, you can experience more love and joy in all of your relationships. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to explore therapy and counseling services in your area.