AA Meetings and NA Meetings in Crystal River

For those in rehab and recovery, support groups offer hope and healing. If someone is struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) offer a safe haven to work through problems, concerns, struggles, and triumphs with others going through the same thing. At Crystal River AA and NA meetings, a group leader (often a licensed counselor) facilitates the meetings where members can give and receive guidance and support to reach sobriety and stay there.

There are meetings that are incorporated into programs at rehab centers as well as stand-alone options throughout the city. For those searching for a release from their addiction and healing from alcoholism or narcotics addiction, there are help and support in AA and NA meetings.

AA Meetings in Crystal River, Florida

AA is a place where anyone dealing with a drinking problem/addiction can come for help and fellowship. There are no age, education, or background requirements. There is simply a desire to be sober. These meetings have a spiritual element but are not religious or political. The 12-step program is an integral component of the road to sobriety that helps expel the need to drink while empowering members to lead fulfilling, alcohol-free lives. These meetings are prevalent throughout the city and are safe places to release the stress and burdens holding people in addiction. Here those with addiction problems will be around people who understand them without judgment.

This peer support in AA meetings provides encouragement to be sober. For some, it is the first step in treatment and maybe they will go on to rehab or a more intensive recovery program. For others, AA meetings are enough to get them to sobriety. AA meetings in Crystal River are a strong network of support and a way to learn how to cope with alcoholism and find sobriety. Sometimes finding the right group can take a bit of time, so patience is important.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Some things that can dictate the mood or tone of a meeting are factors like:

  • Who the leader is
  • Who attends the meeting
  • Where it is
  • When it is held

Meetings are held throughout Crystal River and you can usually find them in churches, community centers, synagogues, even private homes. You may want to ask some questions before attending. Some things people like to know may be:

  • Is it coed?
  • Who can attend (just alcoholics or others)?
  • Where is it and what time of day?
  • How are the meetings run?
  • What is the background of the leader?

The best thing to do is try a meeting. Maybe you will feel comfortable right away, but if not, go back a few times before making up your mind. If it does not work, try another one. Things like time of day or where it is held can make a big difference. Crystal River AA meetings can help if you are struggling, so keep trying until you find the right meeting. You can also look on the  Alcoholics Anonymous website for a list of meetings that may work for you.

Here are a few locations nearby to get you started:

  • Crystal River Group
  • St. Benedict’s Catholic Church
  • South U.S. Hwy. 19
  • Crystal River, FL 34429
  • Never Too Early Group
  • Yana Club
  • Corner of NW 7th St. and NW 3rd Ave.
  • Crystal River, FL 34429

NA Meetings in Crystal River, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) is the second largest 12-step organization. Following the same principles as AA, these meetings are open to anyone looking for release from drug addiction. Like AA meetings, NA meetings in Crystal River are free and located throughout the city to make them accessible to anyone. Through these weekly meetings, those struggling with addiction can find encouragement, support, and a way to leave drug use behind.

Through these meetings and the encouragement of other people going through the same things, the merits of honesty, open-mindedness, and a willingness to change are put into action. Regardless of the drug or the place in recovery, an NA meeting will provide welcoming support.

Whether you are new on your road to sobriety or you have already been through a successful treatment, you can find support in NA meetings. These are easy to find and open to anyone with a struggle with addiction, past or present.  Just like with AA meetings, it is important to find the one that feels right.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Crystal River NA meetings will vary, and it is best to find one where you are comfortable. They will vary according to who attends, where they are, and who is leading. Try a few or try one a few times; just make sure you give yourself the chance to find one that feels right.

The Narcotics Anonymous website is a valuable resource for finding meetings you can attend. This a brave step and one that will take you in the right directions toward sobriety.

Here are some meeting locations nearby:

  • Crystal River NA
  • St. Benedicts Catholic Church
  • 455 S. Suncoast Blvd.
  • Crystal River, FL 34429
  • YANA Club
  • Community Baptist Church
  • 147 Northwest 7th St.
  • Crystal River, FL 34428

If you need another resource, please reach out to The Recovery Village. Our expert, caring staff can help you find a meeting and any other treatment options you may be interested in. We know this a difficult road and you do not have to do it alone. We can help you through this to find sobriety.