Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Clearwater, Florida

Individuals go to therapy for any number of reasons – to get support during difficult times, to learn how to manage a mental illness, or to learn how to overcome destructive behaviors and habits, to name a few reasons. These are some of the same reasons why a couple or family might decide to seek out marriage counseling or family counseling in Clearwater.

One of the most common reasons for seeking marriage and family counseling in Clearwater is that one or more family members are suffering from substance use disorder, which can disrupt the normal, healthy functioning of a family. Marriage and family counseling is a strong component of addiction treatment programs in Clearwater and surrounding areas.

Just like an individual person, marriages or families can benefit from therapy in many ways. In many ways, marriage or family therapy can be similar to therapy that an individual might receive in a one-on-one setting. A marriage and family counselor will spend some time gathering information about the problem that brought you to therapy, the backgrounds of the people in therapy, and the family dynamics at play. A therapist might even spend some time one-on-one with each partner or member of the family, in addition to working with the couple or family in a group setting.

Marriage Counseling in Clearwater, Florida

Maintaining a marriage is not always easy, but when both partners are committed to working together and meeting each other’s needs, marriages can make it through a lot of difficult times. However, when partners have difficulty communicating with each other effectively, they may not work well together or be able to express their needs or meet the other partner’s needs. This can lead to distance or conflict between partners.

Marriage counseling in Clearwater can help couples learn to more effectively communicate with and listen to each other. With better communication, partners can more easily work through any problems that they may be experiencing in their marriage. This can help prevent a separation or divorce, or just help couples achieve a greater degree of intimacy with each other.

Clearwater Marriage Counseling

Marriage counseling in Clearwater can improve more than just the marriage. The marriage is the primary relationship in both partners’ lives, and when a marriage is unhealthy, both partners may feel unhappy. That unhappiness can affect other parts of their lives as well. An unhappy partner may feel less invested in their work and less able to connect with their children, family members, friends, and coworkers.

When a couple attends marriage counseling and the marriage improves, the partners may feel more at ease with other aspects of their lives as well. Additionally, skills that partners learn in marriage counseling, such as conflict resolution, listening, and communication skills, can be employed in settings outside of the marriage as well, which may help improve relationships with other people.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When couples are looking for a marriage counseling, they should take care to choose a counselor with whom both partners are comfortable. There are a variety of different therapists offering marriage counseling in Clearwater, and each has their own styles and methods of counseling. Different marriage counselors also have different levels of experience and different specialties. It is important to choose one who is a good fit for your marriage.

Family Therapy in Clearwater, FL

Similar to marriage counseling, family therapy in Clearwater helps families address serious issues that may arise within the family such as death or illness. Family counseling can also help get a family through a difficult transitional time, such as a divorce or a move. Families may attend counseling to learn ways to deal with one family member’s substance use disorder or mental illness.

While they are in counseling, family members will build their conflict resolution and communication skills, and work on practicing healthy and supportive behaviors. Time spent in counseling may be divided into group counseling, individual therapy, or therapy sessions with two or more members of the family.

Clearwater Family Counseling

The importance of a healthy, supportive family environment cannot be understated. Families are where most people turn first for support, and families are where children learn how to relate to other people in their world. An unhealthy family dynamic provides inadequate support and may teach children dysfunctional behavior patterns that will carry into their relationships as adults.

Family counseling in Clearwater can help prevent unhealthy behavior patterns from repeating. No family is doomed to be dysfunctional. With proper counseling and therapeutic support, families can come through a time of trauma or crisis with their bonds intact and even strengthened.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

There are a variety of ways to find family therapy in Clearwater. Personal recommendations from someone you know can be helpful. By talking to someone you know who has been through family therapy, you can get an idea of what that particular therapist is like and whether they will be a good fit for your family.

A family doctor who is familiar with your family and their backgrounds may also be able to make a referral for a family counselor who will work well with your family. Check with your health insurer for a list of family counselors in your area who are covered by your health insurance plan. You can also check online for listings of family counselors near you.

Another great resource is The Recovery Village. With a simple call, you can access information about qualified therapists and counselors in the Clearwater area. Take the first step today to get the help that strengthens your family.