Finding an Interventionist in Boynton Beach, Florida

Living with an addict changes your life. The behavior of your loved one addicted to drugs or alcohol can be frustrating and may cause chaos within the family. Substance abuse influences an addict’s behavior and the behavior of everyone around him or her. You may not realize that you, and other family members, are deeply affected by your loved one’s addiction, but you are.

Perhaps you have tried and failed at getting your loved one into treatment in Boynton Beach. It may be difficult for you, and other family members, to know how to change the addict’s outlook and behavior. It is not your fault. Your loved one has carefully taught enabling behavior to everyone around him or her so that his or her life of addiction can continue. An interventionist can assist your family in making the changes needed to help your loved one enter addiction treatment in Boynton Beach.

Successful intervention begins with the family. The interventionist helps family members discern the unhealthy roles they unwittingly play in the cycle of addiction. Once family members become aware of enabling behaviors and agree to change healing can begin.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Boynton Beach, FL

Finding a qualified interventionist in Boynton Beach is the first step in changing your loved one’s life of addiction. The second step is finding an interventionist who is likable, and compatible with everyone, especially the person struggling with substance abuse. Because you and other family members are familiar with your loved one’s personality, you are key to finding the right interventionist for your loved one.

Most intervention counselors in Boynton Beach conduct an initial telephone interview with the family, so they can learn as much as possible about your loved one. Also, during this initial conversation, there are some important questions for you to ask, including:

  • How do we prepare for the intervention?
  • What type of intervention method do you use?
  • What happens after the intervention takes place?
  • What happens if my loved one refuses help?
  • Are you experienced with this type of addiction?

Additionally, this first conversation is the time for you to let the interventionist know if your loved one is prone to angry outbursts or other special considerations so the interventionist will be prepared to provide support. Finding an intervention counselor who is compatible with everyone, and who has the required credentials and experience, is important for a successful outcome.

Boynton Beach, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Addiction intervention counselors in Boynton Beach follow similar steps and procedures during the intervention process:

Step 1: Initial Consultation – Many Boynton Beach drug intervention counselors begin with a telephone interview. This is an opportunity for the interventionist to learn about family dynamics that may be keeping your loved one comfortable with addiction. To lay the groundwork for a successful intervention, family members must acknowledge and change their unhealthy, enabling behaviors so they may guide their loved one to treatment.

Step 2: Addiction Education – You and other family members may mistakenly believe that when something positive happens for your loved one, like a new job or relationship, addiction will end. Believing that change can only happen when your loved one asks for help or hits rock bottom are also common fallacies. Drug intervention counselors in Boynton Beach will dispel myths and teach you the truth about addiction so you can successfully help your loved one.

Step 3: Starting the Process – If you wait for your loved one to get help, the next day may be too late. A Boynton Beach drug intervention counselor will get the process started, so your loved one can start treatment as soon as possible.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

If you live with someone addicted to alcohol, you know how difficult it is to help them. Often, alcoholics are in denial that they have a problem because alcohol is legal and easy to get. An alcohol intervention counselor can help your loved one come to terms with his or her alcohol misuse.

It is common for those abusing alcohol to be stubborn and to blame their problems on everyone and everything except themselves. Denial and self-absorption are common characteristics of people addicted to drugs or alcohol.  An alcohol interventionist in Boynton Beach starts by focusing on the bad behavior caused by alcohol misuse and the family’s reaction to that behavior. An alcohol intervention counselor will bring your family together so you can make the changes needed to help your loved one enter rehabilitation. An interventionist in Boynton Beach will also help you create a healthy, loving environment to support your loved one when treatment is complete.

To find a qualified Boynton Beach drug intervention or alcohol intervention counselor, you may explore the following resources:

Your insurance coverage: Contact your health insurance provider to locate intervention counselors who accept your insurance. This alleviates some of the financial stress when choosing an interventionist in Boynton Beach.

Your doctor: Your family physician can refer you to qualified intervention counselors in Boynton Beach. Your doctor most likely has worked with others struggling with substance abuse and is familiar with counselors in the area.

Personal recommendation: Ask a friend or co-worker if they have ever used a Boynton Beach drug intervention or alcohol intervention counselor. A personal referral can help you find a counselor you like and trust.

Online search: You can use a search engine like Google to help you locate an interventionist in Boynton Beach.  There are also online interventionists locators to assist you.

An interventionist can assist you with getting your loved one to treatment. Waiting for your loved one to change solidifies addiction and is dangerous. Your loved one needs help to change the way he or she thinks and acts, and the truth is, change begins with you. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to discuss addiction treatment resources in Boynton Beach.