Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Bonita Springs, Florida

Having a loving family around you is one of life’s greatest gifts. A loving, peaceful home gives you a soft place to fall at the end of the day. However, not every home is a refuge for those living there.  Ilyania Vanzant once said, “Family is supposed to be our safe haven. Very often, it is the place where we find the deepest heartache.” All families have problems, and serious issues can tear your family apart.

Marriage and family therapy in Bonita Springs, Florida works with your family to address behaviors and issues affecting individual family members and family relationships. Family therapy can help you work through significant problems such as sexual dysfunction, marital conflict, anorexia, bulimia and other eating disorders, weight problems, grief, a child’s behavioral problems, and issues around eldercare. Marriage and family counseling is also helpful if you, or any of your family members, struggle with anxiety, depression, or schizophrenia. Likewise, if any family members are in need of substance abuse treatment in Bonita Springs, family therapy can help the entire family deal with this serious issue. Marriage and family therapy programs can repair relationships and make your family whole again.

Marriage Counseling In Bonita Springs, Florida

If you are considering separation or divorce, marriage counseling in Bonita Springs can help you save your marriage. If you are in a healthy relationship, marriage therapy can bring you closer to your partner. Also, marriage therapy successfully treats many emotional and mental health issues.

Research studies repeatedly show that clients who participate in marriage counseling have a better quality of life. Stronger partner and family relationships, improvement in work productivity and co-worker relationships, a happier social life, emotional well-being, and improvement in overall health have been consistently reported.

Bonita Springs Marriage Therapy

The goal of marriage therapy in Bonita Springs is to help you and your partner develop a deeper connection. Marriage therapy teaches you better listening and communication skills, as well as healthy problem-solving skills. With the help of a marriage counselor, you and your spouse will grow stronger together. Although marriage therapy focuses on your relationship, you and your spouse each must work on self-improvement and increased self-awareness for a successful outcome.

Your first visit with a marriage therapist lets you get a feel for the counselor’s personality. This is the time for you to assess the therapist’s qualifications and to decide if the therapist is a good fit for both of you. This initial visit is also the time for your therapist to listen to each partner’s concerns and reasons for seeking therapy.

During this first visit, your marriage counselor will design a plan for therapy with both of you. The counselor will also use this time to inform you about any rules of therapy to be observed, during and after sessions. These rules are in place to protect confidential information shared by all parties during the course of treatment.

It is not uncommon for you and your partner to engage in conflict during therapy, but a qualified marriage counselor will not take sides. Throughout the course of therapy, you and your partner may develop new ways of relating to and supporting each other. Working together with a counselor can strengthen your relationship, but ultimately, positive outcomes are determined by the couple’s motivation and dedication to the therapeutic process.

Marriage therapy sessions are typically held once per week unless individual or group therapy is also needed. Individual counseling sessions may be included in your treatment plan, or the therapist may give individual sessions, upon request. You will find marriage counseling in Bonita Springs offered in various locations. Typically, private practices, group practices, and university counseling centers offer marriage and family counseling.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

When searching for marriage counseling in Bonita Springs, there are some important qualities to look for in a therapist. Aside from choosing a therapist who is compatible with both of you, you will want a therapist who:

  • Is trained in marriage counseling
  • Develops a therapy plan with you
  • Is experienced with your type of marital issues
  • Is easily accessible
  • Is compassionate to you and your partner
  • Never chooses sides during a conflict
  • Does not allow you or your partner to interrupt each other
  • Maintains control of therapy sessions
  • Encourages you to give feedback about the service you are receiving
  • Is affordable

You may also find marriage and family therapy counselors who provide online counseling through the use of video chat.

Family Therapy Bonita Springs, FL

There are personality traits and habits you have formed based on your family of origin. Your family had a unique way of relating to you and to others. As a child, you learned about everything, including relationships, from your family. If your parents and siblings taught you healthy ways of relating, you are capable of forming healthy relationships. Most families have some form of dysfunction. If your family members had trouble connecting, you probably do too.

Family counseling in Bonita Springs can help your family work through troubling issues to form closer bonds. Family counseling services can help your family navigate any existing mental, emotional, or behavioral health issues affecting family members. Bonita Springs family therapy is also helpful during times of major transition, crisis, and change.

Bonita Springs Family Counseling

Strategic family counseling uses a number of techniques and exercises from several types of therapy. Behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, interpersonal therapy, as well as others may be employed. Structural family therapy is focused on healing any mental, emotional, or psychological issues dividing family members. Bonita Springs family therapy can teach family members effective communication skills, problem-solving skills, and deeper understanding to create stronger family ties.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

When searching online for “family counseling near me,” you will find many options. Here are some important considerations when looking for family counseling in Bonita Springs:

Insurance coverage – Finding therapists who accept your insurance can alleviate some of the financial pressure of seeking professional help.

Doctor’s Referral – Your family doctor has worked with other families struggling with similar issues. Your family physician is an excellent source for finding professional family counseling in Bonita Springs.

Personal Recommendations – If you know someone who has used Bonita Springs family therapy services, they may be able to help you with a personal referral.

Online Referral – Your online search may list several therapists in your area and may even have some client reviews for you to read. There are also online therapist locators to help you find family counseling services in your area.

Family members are the most important people in your life. Do not let problems tear your family apart. Working with a therapist can help family members navigate unexpected and troubling issues. Marriage and family counseling can help you heal and bring your family closer together. Reach out to The Recovery Village today to find therapists and counselors in the Bonita Springs area.