Finding an Interventionist in Apopka, Florida

If you have never been involved in an intervention before, you might just picture them to be like the ones that you see on television. However, there is often work and preparation that goes into an intervention that you do not see when you watch those television shows. Much of that work is done by an experienced interventionist, who is a person trained to run the intervention and guide family and loved ones through the process.

Addiction is a condition that affects not only the person abusing substances, but also their friends, family members, co-workers, employers, and other important people in their lives. Often, the dysfunction that accompanies addiction is also not limited to the addict. Loved ones learn to behave in co-dependent ways and enable the addict to continue using substances, often simply in an effort to keep the peace. People suffering from substance use disorders in Apopka become skilled manipulators, even when they do not mean to cause any harm, and it is easy to succumb to those manipulations even when you think you know better. An intervention is as much about addressing these issues within the family as it is about addressing the addiction itself. An experienced interventionist in Apopka will have the necessary education and training to address these issues.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Apopka, FL

It is important to realize that a successful intervention has a lot to do with changing your own behaviors and the behaviors of your family. Your drug intervention counselor in Apopka will help you and your other family members learn to set healthy boundaries for yourselves and put a stop to any enabling behaviors in which you have been participating.

These adjustments help improve the chances for a successful intervention by making it harder for the person with the addiction to continue using. If that person knows that you are not going to help him or her use substances – perhaps you will no longer loan him money or let her stay at your house, for example – he or she will be more likely to accept the offer of help and rehabilitation, because he or she will know that the options are now more limited. It is important to set boundaries that you can stand by, and your interventionist in Apopka will work with you to help you discover what your limits are and what you can do to help yourself maintain your boundaries. The Apopka interventionist will also help you find an appropriate rehabilitation plan for your loved one.

Apopka, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

When you are looking for an Apopka drug intervention counselor, you should interview a few different counselors to make sure that you choose one with whom you and your other family members are comfortable. You are all going to need to be part of the process, so make sure that you involve other interested family members or loved ones.

Your interventionist in Apopka will start by gathering information, most likely over the telephone. Make sure that you give the drug addiction counselor all of the pertinent information about your loved one. For example, the interventionist will need to know what substances your loved one uses, and whether or not they have ever shown a tendency toward violence. There may be other special circumstances, like co-occurring mental health disorders, about which it would also be beneficial to inform your Apopka drug intervention counselor.

Once your drug intervention counselor has all the relevant information, they will work with you to find the right time and place to hold the intervention. You will need to make sure that it is held somewhere that everyone involved can easily get to, and where they will feel safe. If there are tensions between you and your loved one with an addiction, you may want to choose a neutral location or the home of a friend that they trust.

You may find yourself reluctant to go ahead with the intervention, even after you have contacted a drug intervention counselor in Apopka. This is normal, and your interventionist can help you get past your hesitance and encourage you to move forward with the intervention.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Some interventionists specialize in leading interventions for people who suffer from alcoholism. This can be different from other types of addiction in several ways. For example, alcoholics can easily and legally access their substance of choice, and they may find it hard to avoid social situations where drinking is expected. Alcoholism can be easier to deny than other addictions because drinking is considered socially acceptable in many places.

Your alcohol intervention counselor in Apopka will focus the intervention on the harmful and negative behaviors associated with alcoholism, not just how much or how often the person drinks. They will also focus on how those behaviors affect others.

You can locate interventionists in Apopka by searching online for interventionists in your area, or by contacting your doctor for a referral. You should also contact your insurance company to find out which interventionists are covered by your health insurance plan. If you know other people who have been through interventions with their own loved ones, try reaching out for a personal recommendation.

You can also find interventionists in Apopka by contacting The Recovery Village. Our representatives are available 24/7 and have extensive knowledge of interventionists and other addiction treatment professionals in the Apopka area. Call us today to get started.