AA Meetings and NA Meetings in Apopka AA and NA Meetings

One of the most important aspects of long-term recovery is having a solid support team behind you. These are friends, family members, and loved ones who want to help you live a healthy life. However, there is another group that can offer a different sort of support during your recovery – your peers.

These are not necessarily cousins or work colleagues or acquaintances. These are people with whom you have a shared experience, namely one of addiction. It can be incredibly healing to talk about these shared experiences with somebody, especially as the stigma of addiction and substance abuse has not completely disappeared from society.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are organizations that bring together those who wish to stop or have stopped abusing drugs and alcohol. They create safe spaces where people can meet, talk about their struggles, and provide strength for one another as they pursue sobriety. AA and NA both have established groups in Apopka, Florida. You can find AA and NA meetings in substance abuse treatment centers in Apopka and surrounding areas, as well as in multiple standalone locations throughout the area. This guide will help you understand AA and NA groups, decide whether or not they are right for you, and easily find local meeting opportunities.

AA Meetings in Apopka, Florida

The Alcoholics Anonymous fellowship is a global organization made up of millions of members. The group is open to anybody who is currently facing alcohol addiction or has faced it in the past. There are no requirements in terms of age, education, or gender, and while spiritually-centered, the group is not based in religion. Meetings are generally held weekly and led by a certified counselor or another experienced person. AA is founded on 12 principles, or steps often called the ’12-step model’ of recovery. These focus on empowering people living with alcohol addiction to own their addiction, address it, and overcome it.

Through the power of peer support, AA meetings in Apopka are a place where addicted individuals can safely explore their feelings about their addiction, including guilt, anger, sadness, and remorse. In an environment where everybody understands, to some degree, what you are going through, it is possible to find a path to healing. AA members encourage one another to choose to seek treatment for their addiction, using the AA organization as one component of a successful rehabilitation program. AA is also a great place for somebody who has recently completed a treatment program to find continued support in sobriety and practice the skills they learned to avoid triggers while in rehab.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Since there are a number of AA meetings happening in Apopka, you have a choice in the type of group you wish to join. It is helpful to have a list of questions to ask when approaching an AA group, so you can decide whether this might be a place where you can feel safe and supported right from the start. Here are some suggestions for good questions to ask:

  • How many attendees are typically in the group?
  • Is the group co-ed?
  • Where and when are meetings held? How long are they?
  • Who is the group leader? What is their experience?
  • Are refreshments offered/allowed at the meetings?
  • Is smoking allowed in the meeting?

You can decide what your own needs are and come up with more questions to assess whether a group meets them or not. The best way to decide whether a group is a right match for you is to attend a meeting or two and get a sense of how it all works. If you do not think you will feel comfortable or safe in that group, try a different one until you do.

Here are some AA meeting locations to get you started:

Nueva Luz

418 S. Park Ave.
Apopka, FL 32712

Apopka Big Book

United Methodist Church
201 S. Park Ave.
Apopka, FL 32703

You can find additional Apopka AA meetings on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Apopka, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) uses a similar 12-step model to AA, making it the second-largest 12-step organization in the world. Also similar to AA, the NA fellowship has no restrictions when it comes to age, gender, education, or beliefs. The only requirement to enter is either the desire to stop using drugs or to continue staying away from drugs.

The NA 12-step model encourages people addicted to drugs such as opioids or heroin to accept and seek treatment for their addiction. The principles operate on a foundation of honesty and willingness to change, as well as keeping an open mind. Members offer peer support to one another as they pursue or maintain their recovery, helping during difficult times and congratulating after accomplishments. NA is good for somebody either considering treatment, just finished with treatment, or in long-term recovery who wishes to help others who are just starting their journey.

NA meetings in Apopka take place in a broad range of places, including churches, libraries, community centers, and rehabilitation facilities. If you are searching for a meeting to attend, you have choices.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Make sure you understand what you are looking for in an NA group when you begin your search. Identifying what you need will help you determine if a group is the right fit. Try one of these methods to find the right NA meeting in Apopka:

Ask your doctor – Doctors are often well-informed about the medical community and resources in your area and may have professional connections to support groups like NA. Ask your doctor for insight and opinions.

Ask a friend – Do you know somebody who has attended an NA meeting in Apopka, or maybe somebody has family that attends a meeting? Going to a meeting with somebody you know (or a friend of a friend) can help you feel much more comfortable. Additionally, asking the person about their personal experience with the group can provide valuable insight into how the group operates.

Use the NA website: The Narcotics Anonymous website contains a useful locator tool to help you find an NA meeting in your area. Here are some results to get you started:

Apopka Assembly of God

951 North Park Avenue
Apopka, FL 32712

Church of the Holy Spirit

601 South Highland Avenue
Apopka, FL 32703

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