Substance abuse is a disruptive element in the work, school and home lives of people who struggle with addiction. Publicly funded behavioral health care services are available in Florida through the Office of Substance Abuse and Mental Health.

In the state of Florida in 2017, 18.5% of deaths by toxicity were related to alcohol. Drug and alcohol rehab, detox and recovery resources assist people as they stop using drugs or alcohol and reset patterns and behaviors to live addiction-free.

Resources and treatment facilities are available for residents of Boynton Beach who are in need of rehab.

Boynton Beach Drug and Alcohol Rehabilitation and Treatment

Boynton Beach, Florida, is not immune to the national increases in drug and alcohol use.

In or near Boynton Beach, drug and alcohol rehab options may include:

Additionally, several locations of The Recovery Village are available in the Central Florida area, including The Recovery Village in Umatilla and Orlando Recovery Center. These facilities offer a variety of rehab programs for adults.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Programs and Treatment Centers in Boynton Beach, Florida

Leaders in the community of Boynton Beach proactively provide information and resources to people struggling with addiction. Drug and alcohol detox programs and treatment centers provide vital first steps for those pursuing recovery. The first stage in these programs includes medical detox.

Detox requires those who rely on drugs or alcohol to fully abstain. The subsequent physical process of detoxification should be overseen by medical professionals. There are currently 13 facilities within seven miles of Boynton Beach that are equipped to oversee medical detox.

Boynton Beach Residential Treatment Programs

Inpatient alcohol rehab and drug addiction treatment are important facets of drug and alcohol rehabilitation treatment. Residential treatment programs provide around-the-clock support in a hospital or medical facility or a rehab center. An inpatient rehab facility addresses treatment in the early days of recovery.

These programs give those in recovery a daily support system and are important steps on the road to recovery. Long-term recovery plans are often formulated during this stage of drug and alcohol addiction treatment.

There are currently 13 facilities within six miles of Boynton Beach, Florida, that provide residential treatment programs. Residential treatment is also offered at many locations of The Recovery Village.

Boynton Beach Partial Hospitalization Programs

Partial hospitalization, or outpatient day treatment, provides a split schedule where some time is spent at the hospital or rehab center and some time is spent at home. This increased level of independence maintains ongoing treatment and support while empowering the individual who is in recovery.

For those in treatment, partial hospitalization programs can mean resuming aspects of normal life. Under daily supervision from medical and counseling staff, opportunities are created for new habits and lifestyle choices.

Six facilities within three miles of Boynton Beach, Florida, currently offer partial hospitalization programs, along with The Recovery Village in Umatilla and Orlando Recovery Center.

Boynton Beach Outpatient Treatment Programs

Outpatient drug treatment may be an important stage toward the end of a drug and alcohol addiction recovery plan. Training in sober living can happen as participants return to living at home full time. Re-integrating into regular life is supported by regularly scheduled physical and psychological treatment. Treatment continues in medical checkups, group therapy, and counseling. Outpatient treatment can be valuable as a stepping stone to independent sober living.

There are currently seven facilities within three miles of Boynton Beach, Florida, that provide outpatient treatment programs, not including those found at many Central Florida locations of The Recovery Village.

Sober Living and Rehab Aftercare Programs in Boynton Beach, Florida

Participating in continuing care can be a vital way to solidify drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Sober living and some aftercare facilities provide a live-in environment to offer daily support in sobriety. Group therapy, a home environment, and social support help those in recovery. Rehab aftercare is the stage of drug rehab aftercare programs that can be essential for success.

Sober living programs typically provide the following:

  • Accountability
  • House responsibilities
  • No substance use allowed
  • Daily schedule that includes group time
  • Counseling and treatment

Rehab alumni programs can be an essential element that produces lasting change.

There are currently seven facilities within seven miles of Boynton Beach, Florida, that offer rehab aftercare programs. Sober living homes are available in Central Florida through Next Step Village.

Specialized Treatment Programs in Boynton Beach, Florida

Some people who seek recovery for drug and alcohol addiction share common life experiences. Specialized treatment for their individual needs may assist them in rehabilitation.

Specialized treatment options in and near Boynton Beach include:

  • Rehab for veterans offered in Lake Worth and Delray Beach
  • Rehab for LGBT persons at three facilities in Boynton Beach
  • Rehab for pregnant women at one center in Boynton Beach
  • Rehab for PTSD at centers in nearby Delray Beach
  • Women’s rehab centers and treatment at five facilities in Boynton Beach
  • Rehab centers for teens at three facilities in Boynton Beach
  • Clients referred from the court or judicial system at two Boynton Beach facilities
  • Active duty military personnel treatment in nearby Lake Worth and Delray Beach

What Is the Process Like in a Drug Detox and Rehab Facility?

According to an article published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence, a drug treatment process should prioritize three services: physiological, psychological and sociocultural. High-quality drug and detox rehab facilities provide this holistic approach to their clients. After registration and orientation, the course of treatment you begin should include elements that attend to your physical, mental, and social well being.

After the initial assessment, you will begin your course of treatment. An overview of facility guidelines and scheduling may be part of orientation. Your daily schedule will likely include counseling and group therapy, medical appointments, meals, and recreation. Care providers should be available to support you through each stage of recovery.

Finding the Best Rehab Program For You

There are many kinds of rehab programs. Many kinds of treatment are available to treat drug and alcohol addiction. The best rehab centers provide medical oversight and counsel through the course of your recovery. The best drug rehab centers will inform and guide you through your detox and treatment.

Here are some aspects when deciding how to find the best rehab center for you:

  • Are you treated as a person through introductions and assessment?
  • Does the environment have research-based medical and psychological care?
  • Are the medical and counseling staff experts in their field?
  • Is there a plan for your long-term sobriety?

At many rehab facilities, there are FDA-approved medicines that assist in withdrawal and curb the urge to use substances. If this approach appeals to you, ask what medicinal treatment options are available.

What Questions Should You Ask When Considering a Treatment Program?

A drug and alcohol rehab center present people with the opportunity to entrust themselves to the care of qualified professionals for addiction treatment. The care providers and facility policies ensure that each person is treated with respect and in a way that best contributes to recovery.

The treatment provided for you will play an essential role in your recovery success. It may be helpful to ask some of the following questions:

  • Do they accept your insurance?
  • Do they offer specialized services?
  • How much flexibility is there in adjusting treatment as needed?
  • What is the registration and assessment process?
  • Are all treatments done at this facility?
  • Do all care providers have excellent credentials?

Your daily life during treatment will likely follow a stable pattern of therapy, medicine, and group support. You may wish to ask about meals, daily schedule, group sessions, visitation policies, and long-term or aftercare support.

Exploring Treatment Options Near Boynton Beach, Florida

Drug abuse treatment near Boynton Beach, Florida, is available and can provide many services those pursuing recovery may require. Additional or specialized services may be available in nearby cities.

There are times when traveling for treatment can be helpful but also presents drawbacks. Here are some aspects to consider:

  • Is there a vital service that is not available in Boynton Beach?
  • Are there alternative treatments that you wish to pursue?
  • Would traveling distance you from habits that could undermine your recovery?
  • Would travel distance you negatively from friends, family or home support?
  • Where do you envision your life after recovery?

The season of recovery can be a fragile time for any person who struggles with addiction. It is vital that all major life changes are made with careful consideration. Treatment for drug and alcohol addiction is the first step toward a healthier, happier life.

Additional Addiction and Rehabilitation Resources in Boynton Beach, Florida

The Palm Beach County Substance Awareness Coalition has a wealth of resources and opportunities to approach substance abuse in the community. This coalition provides:

Residents of Boynton Beach can greatly benefit from the efforts this coalition is making in the community.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Boynton Beach, Florida

Support for recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can be found in many meetings in Boynton Beach, Florida.

Alcoholics Anonymous

Alcoholics Anonymous is a 12-step group support program that helps people recover from alcohol addiction.

Alcoholics Anonymous

  • Local AA Meetings

    Boynton Beach Group
    First United Methodist Church
    101 N. Seacrest (N.W. 1st Ave. parking lot), Boynton Beach, FL

    Just Before Dawn Group
    Ascension Church
    2929 South Seacrest Blvd, Boynton Beach, FL

    Downtown Boynton Group
    Church of Our Savior
    2011 S. Federal Hwy, Boynton Beach, FL

Narcotics Anonymous

Narcotics Anonymous is a 12-step program similar to AA that helps people recover from drug addiction. Delray Beach currently offers additional meeting options.

Narcotics Anonymous

  • Local NA Meetings

    Just for Today Study
    Church of Our Savior
    2011 South Federal Highway, Boynton Beach, FL

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Church of the Palms
    1960 North Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL

    Narcotics Anonymous
    Crossroads Club
    1700 Lake Ida Rd, Delray Beach, FL

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

  • Local Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

    Al-Anon is a family support group which provides a 12-step program for those close to someone who struggles with alcohol addiction.

    French Contact AFG
    First United Methodist Church
    101 N. Seacrest, Boynton Beach, FL

    Serenity Step and Study AFG
    Boynton Beach Fire Station #3
    3501 N. Congress Ave, Boynton Beach, FL

    Courage to Change AFG
    Beachcomber Outpatient
    115 E. Woolbright Rd, Boynton Beach, FL

    Nar-Anon is a 12-step program like Al-Anon, but for the friends and families of people who struggle with drug addiction. Delray Beach, Lake Worth and West Palm Beach currently offer nearby Nar-Anon meetings.

    Serenity by the Sea
    Church of the Palms
    1960 North Swinton Ave, Delray Beach, FL

    Restore Us To Sanity
    St. Luke United Methodist Church
    165 Ohio Rd, Lake Worth, FL

    Discover Peace
    The Miracles Club
    770 S. Military Trail, West Palm Beach, FL

SMART Recovery

An alternative group to AA and NA, SMART Recovery is a program for people recovering from substance use. Several SMART Recovery meetings are currently available in Delray Beach.

SMART Recovery

  • Local SMART Recovery Meetings

    Meeting #2997
    Delray Beach, Florida
    Monday 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    103 Southeast 4th Ave. Suite 102 Delray Beach, FL 33483

    Meeting #2972
    Delray Beach, Florida
    Tuesday 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM
    103 Southeast 4th Ave. Suite 102 Delray Beach, FL 33483

Non-Profit Organizations in Boynton Beach, Florida

Non-profit organizations can point people toward helpful resources for drug or alcohol addiction treatment. Facilities like this are available in and near Boynton Beach, Florida.

Non-Profit Organizations in Boynton Beach, Florida

  • Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition

    Palm Beach County Substance Abuse Coalition
    2300 High Ridge Rd, Boynton Beach, FL 33426 USA

  • Recovery Research Network Foundation

    Recovery Research Network Foundation
    3655 Whispering Cypress Ln, Boynton Beach, FL

  • Victory House Outreach

    Victory House Outreach
    9125 Tresmore Ct, Boynton Beach, FL

Boynton Beach, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

If you or someone you are with needs emergency help for drug or alcohol abuse, call one of these numbers.

Boynton Beach, Florida Substance Abuse Hotlines

  • Local Drug Abuse Hotline

    Local Drug Abuse Hotline
    (561) 732-8116

  • Florida Drug Abuse Hotline

    Florida Drug Abuse Hotline
    (888) 459-5511

  • Substance Abuse Hotline

    Substance Abuse Hotline
    (844) 244-3171

City of Boynton Beach, Florida

Boynton Beach is a town north of Miami in Palm Beach County, Florida. The population is almost 74,000 people. Boynton Beach is located at 26.5318° N, 80.0905° W. Visitors can fly into Palm Beach International Airport (PBI). Adjacent to many Atlantic coast beaches, Boynton Beach attracts families and tourists to its thriving community.

Nearby Delray Beach, Boca Raton and Lake Worth provide additional urban environments for employment and entertainment. The Boynton Beach Police Department is equipped with narcotics units and special task forces to stem the tide of opioid abuse. Law enforcement’s proactive approach includes citizen involvement and education. Residents of Boynton Beach can step into recovery with full confidence that their city will provide the resources needed for drug or alcohol addiction treatment.

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