AA and NA Meetings in Vero Beach

Alcohol addiction or drug addiction can often feel like a lonely disease, isolating people that are suffering from one another and deepening the issue. This is why groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous have created decades ago – to offer support and a sense of community to those dealing with addiction.

Finding a sense of common experience can greatly improve your chance of sustaining long-term recovery. There are a number of AA and NA groups in Vero Beach, both as part of structured drug facility programs in Vero Beach and as stand-alone entities. Read on to learn how Vero Beach AA or NA meetings can benefit you and your loved ones.

AA Meetings in Vero Beach, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous is a global organization of current and former alcoholics; the community describes itself as a strong, supportive fellowship. While based in spirituality, the group is not religious and is not aligned with specific political opinions. The organization is open to anybody seeking to heal from alcohol addiction, as well as loved ones of addicts that are looking for support. AA was one of the first groups to champion the 12-step treatment model, adopting a set of twelve principles that help addicts defeat their alcohol dependence and lead meaningful, sober lives. AA meetings are incredibly prevalent in America, and Vero Beach is no exception. Vero Beach AA meetings offer a safe and supportive space in which addicts and their loved ones can explore addiction and its root causes.

AA is for anybody at any level of addiction. Whether you are considering entering treatment, are undergoing treatment, or have completed a treatment program, Alcoholics Anonymous is there to support you at any stage of your recovery process. Vero Beach AA groups allow members to either begin building or build upon healthy coping mechanisms and positive thought patterns in order to manage their alcohol dependence. Addiction carries a physical and mental load that demands delicate exploration, and working through that process surrounded by a supportive group of peers can be a key component of successful long-term sobriety.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

Locating and joining an AA group in Vero Beach can be an intimidating prospect, to say the least, particularly if you have not participated in group counseling before. However, AA groups in Vero Beach work hard to provide a supportive, non-judgmental space where addicts can work on their healing process without fear; many addicts often admit their dependence for the first time in their lives at an AA meeting.

A quick Google search will turn up dozens of options for AA meetings in Vero Beach, so it is important to understand your needs and goals before committing to a specific group. Some questions to ask yourself as you look for the right match include:
  • Where are meetings held?
  • Can I make myself available during the meeting time?
  • Is the group co-ed, and am I comfortable with that?
  • What stage of my recovery am I at right now?
  • Who is the group leader, and do I trust this person?
  • How many people attend this groups’ meetings?
  • Is this group smoking or non-smoking?

Identifying your personal needs and comfort levels are crucial to choosing the right AA group for you. The next step is to attend a meeting or two and see how you feel afterward. If you leave the meeting feeling comfortable – or even hopeful for the future – you have found a good match.

Here are some meeting locations in Vero Beach and surrounding areas:

Noontime Recovery
Newport Club
2536 16th Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Holy Cross Catholic Church
500 Iris Ln.
Vero Beach, FL 32963

Trinity Episcopal Church
2365 Pine Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32084

You can find additional AA meeting locations on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Vero Beach, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous is the second-largest 12-step program in the country, bringing together millions of addicts to offer support and solidarity to one another. The group is open to anybody who is currently or has in the past struggled with drug addiction. Just as in AA, membership is open to anybody that has a desire to stop using drugs and maintain a clean and sober lifestyle. Weekly meetings promote a sense of community and shared experience, encouraging strength and giving recognition to others’ achievements.

NA principles focus on the merits of honesty, integrity, and open-mindedness, and NA meetings promote the desire to make positive changes in one’s life. For addicts that are just leaving residential treatment, or simply trying to stay away from drugs on their own, having the support of a group in those early stages of recovery can be invaluable and incredibly empowering. Similar to AA, meetings of NA in Vero Beach are free and open, and there are plenty of meetings from which to choose.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

Looking for a group meeting can be as simple as a quick Google search, but there are other ways to look for NA meetings in Vero Beach that may provide you with more insight into specific groups. As with AA, it is important to understand your needs and your personal recovery goals in order to find the right match.

Here are some NA meeting locations in Vero Beach to start your search:

Saint Helen’s Catholic Church
2085 Tallahassee Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Our Savior Lutheran Church
1850 6Th Ave.
Vero Beach, FL 32960

Sober Rainbow
Unity of Vero Beach
950 43rd Ave.Vero Beach, FL 32960

More Vero Beach NA meetings can be found on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

Try these other avenues for finding an NA meeting in Vero Beach:

Talk to your doctor – Your doctor is a part of the medical community and may know more detailed information about available groups in your area. In addition, your doctor is ideally familiar with your substance abuse history and will direct you to a group that suits your needs.

Ask for a friend’s referral – Do you have friends who have learned to manage their addiction through attending NA? Ask them which group they attended, and perhaps ask them to go with you to a meeting and introduce you to other members. Even if you know people who are not fully in recovery but are getting positive outcomes from their NA group, go with them to a meeting. It can help you feel more secure and accepting of options if you are familiar with at least one person in the room.

Call The Recovery Village – Our expert intake operators are ready to accept your call 24/7, and with their extensive knowledge of local Vero Beach resources for alcohol and drug addiction, they can give you all of the information you need to find the right AA or NA group for you. All calls are free, confidential, and come with no obligations. Reach out today to get started.