AA and NA Meetings in Titusville

Support groups are a source of hope for those in rehab and recovery. Problems common to those in Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) who are grappling with the effects of alcohol addiction or drug addiction are addressed with the help of a licensed counselor or group leader. As a resident of Titusville, you can access support for your recovery with local AA and NA meetings.

Titusville has many options to help you get peer support throughout the city. While both AA and NA meetings are part of most drug rehab programs in Titusville, there are also many standalone meetings that provide support. Use this guide to look for NA and AA meetings in the area.

AA Meetings in Titusville, Florida

For those with a drinking problem, Alcoholics Anonymous provides help by offering peer support. The meetings do not have political or religious connotations, though the program is based on spiritual principles. Nor do they have requirements based on age and education. Rather, members use a 12-step program. This encompasses principles that help give participants the power to lead a life that is fulfilling and to end the obsession with drinking. The AA meetings are found in numerous locations throughout Titusville and the surrounding area. In the meetings, you can put aside the physical and mental toll that alcoholism takes and talk to people who are facing similar issues.

By talking with and getting the support of your peers, you may receive the impetus you need to get treatment. This support network is also helpful to those who have already built coping skills while in rehab to augment these skills over time and to deal with issues in the future. It is perfectly fine to attend meetings in a variety of locations. Take some time to find the AA group that is right for you.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

AA meetings in Titusville may differ according to location, time or meeting, or tone. Generally, the group leader of the meeting sets the tone, and you can find the group that most closely fits your needs and that makes you feel comfortable. If you look online for the query “AA meetings near me,” you will see a list of meetings with their time and location. They may be held in homes, community centers or churches.

Look for these factors when you try to narrow down an AA meeting that will work for you:
  • Are both men and women allowed?
  • What is the location of the meeting?
  • Which group leader will be in charge of the meeting, and how does he or she normally handle it?
  • How many people are usually at the meeting?
  • Are you allowed to smoke or not?
It can take time and effort to go through all the listings for AA meetings in Titusville. It may take going to several different meetings before you find one where you feel comfortable. Here are some of the meetings closest to the Titusville area.

Casselberry, Florida (30.89 Miles)
Central Florida Intergroup Service (Orlando Area)
Main: (407)260-5822
24 Hr Hotline: (407)260-5408

Melbourne, Florida (38.78 Miles)
Brevard Intergroup
24 Hr Hotline: (321)724-2247
FAX: (321)724-8574

Orlando, Florida (39.14 Miles)
Oficina Intergrupal de Orlando
Spanish Hotline: (407)240-1181

South Daytona, Florida (40.32 Miles)
Volusia County Intergroup
Main: (386)756-2930

You can find out more about Alcoholics Anonymous meetings at their website.

NA Meetings in Titusville, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953. It is available to individuals who have struggled with drug addiction in the past or those who are just beginning to grapple with it. It is a 12-step program and second in size to Alcoholics Anonymous. It has one requirement: that those seeking help want to stop using drugs.

In NA meetings in Titusville, individuals meet in churches, community centers, parks, and libraries every week. They use the meeting to both give and receive support as they try to stay maintain a drug-free life.

As with their counterparts in AA, Titusville NA meetings take the principles of AA and apply them to the problems faced by those who are trying to eliminate addiction to all types of drugs. The group stresses the need for honesty, the desire to change,  and open-mindedness.

For those to whom sobriety is new or those who have already completed rehab, these principles along with the support received at NA is critical to embracing a strong recovery. The Titusville NA meetings are free of charge, open to everyone with a sincere desire to move away from drug addiction. They are not difficult to locate either.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

If you look search Google for “NA meetings near me,” you will find that Titusville, Florida has several options. You will note that each NA group has different locations, attendees, and group leaders just as with AA. Some NA groups may be best for individuals who have just finished rehab, and others are best for those who have been clean for a longer period of time.

Some Titusville NA locations and meetings are:

Park Avenue Baptist Church
Ashkelon Building
1651 Park Avenue South
Titusville, FL, 32780
(321) 269-6702

First Church of the Nazarene
1027 South Park Avenue Annex A
Titusville, FL, 32780
(321) 267-4404

If you cannot find a meeting in your area easily, go to the website for Narcotics Anonymous, where you can search for groups by their zip code.

At The Recovery Village, we believe that peer support is one of the most effective tools you have to battle addiction. No matter the care level you have reached, AA and NA meetings are beneficial. They are available for both in-house and aftercare clients at our facilities. If you would like to know more about our programs or start treatment as soon as possible, reach out right now. We are waiting to assist you to achieve and maintain sobriety.