AA and NA Meetings in Naples

Many rehabilitation programs incorporate support group meetings into their treatment plans, and there is a good reason for that. It is not impossible to fight an addiction alone, but it is harder. It helps to see examples of people who have been where you are and have come through it. It helps to receive support from people who are struggling the same way that you are now. And it helps to reach out and give support to someone else as well.

Battling an addiction can feel very lonely. It is easy to feel like you are the only one who is dealing with this problem, and it is easy to become isolated from friends and family who have never had an addiction of their own with which to contend. Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) give you the chance to surround yourself with people who understand your struggle as intimately as you do. The fellowship and community that you find in AA or NA meetings in Naples can give you hope on your path to healing.

Addiction treatment programs in Naples and nearby areas often incorporate AA and NA meetings into their treatment plans, but you can also find meetings in multiple standalone areas as well.

AA Meetings in Naples, Florida

Alcoholics Anonymous was the first support group founded on the 12-step principles, and the 12 steps are still the foundation for AA meetings in Naples today. The 12-step principles are a set of guidelines that members use to help them navigate life without alcohol. You start with the first step and work your way through them.

Naples AA meetings are open to all, and people from all walks of life have found AA meetings to be helpful in their path to sobriety. You do not need to belong to any particular religion, political group, or other organization to join. You just need a desire to quit drinking. AA meetings in Naples are valuable to people in all stages of recovery. Whether you are recently out of a rehabilitation program, have not yet attended a rehabilitation program, or are struggling not to drink after years of sobriety, you will find help and support at an AA meeting near you.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

If you are looking for a supportive community that will help you on your path to sobriety, there are a number of AA meetings in Naples for you. You may need to attend a few different meetings before you find a group with which you feel connected. Although AA meetings are all based on the same 12-step program, different groups can have a different feel to them due to the members and group leader in each group.

Other AA meeting locations in and around Naples can be found on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Naples, Florida

America is currently in the grip of a drug epidemic, and Naples is no exception. Naples NA meetings are based on the same 12-step principles as Alcoholics Anonymous meetings are, but Narcotics Anonymous meetings are geared more toward the specific struggles faced by people who have an addiction to substances other than alcohol. This can include street drugs like heroin or cocaine, prescription drugs like Oxycontin, or even over-the-counter medications like cold medicine or sleeping pills.

NA meetings in Naples are free to attend, and there are no requirements for members other than a commitment to sobriety. Although NA meetings, like Naples AA meetings, have a spiritual component, they are not affiliated with any organized religion, and people of any or no faith are welcome to join. Narcotics Anonymous is one of the largest 12-step support programs in existence, second only to Alcoholics Anonymous. There are a number of NA meetings in Naples that are available to you.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

When you look for NA meetings in Naples, you should look for a group that appeals to you and meets your needs. Is the meeting location convenient and accessible to you? Are you looking for a group that allows smoking, or do you prefer a non-smoking group? Where are you in your recovery journey?

Some groups may be geared toward newly sober members, while others might be a better fit for people who have been sober for some time. If you are in a rehabilitation program or are considering entering a rehabilitation program soon, there may be a Naples NA meeting that is affiliated with your rehab program.

Some of the NA meetings in your area include:

First United Methodist Church
388 First Ave. S.
Naples, FL 34102

River Park Community Center
301 11th St. N.
Naples, FL 34102

Lowdermilk Park
1301 Gulf Shore Blvd. N.
Naples, FL 34102

You can find other NA meeting locations in and around Naples at the Narcotics Anonymous website.

At The Recovery Village, our addiction treatment professionals believe that support groups like AA and NA are invaluable to the recovery process. That is why 12-step programs are incorporated into our treatment plans. To discuss your treatment options with a caring, compassionate addiction expert today, call The Recovery Village.