AA and NA Meetings in Marco Island

The recovery process does not stop once the initial substance abuse treatment program in Marco Island has been completed. The fight against drug and alcohol addiction is ever present and without properly arming yourself, it can be easy to succumb outside structured rehabilitation programs. Being back in your old life can lead to old triggers. Quickly you can find yourself overwhelmed and needing help. There is always help available to you. It is free, open to all struggling with addiction, judgment-free, and gives you the support you need to conquer your addiction for years to come. In Marco Island, this help is readily available for you to use and help your healing process.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) are support groups that have been in operation for decades, helping thousands of addicts continue to live a sober life after completing treatment. Hearing from others struggling with addiction not only helps you self-examine your own addiction but reminds you that you are not alone in the fight. Open speaker AA meetings and NA meetings also provide a forum for your family and friends to attend and play a more active role in helping your recovery. The more support you can gather for yourself, the better your chance of long-term sobriety.

AA Meetings in Marco Island, Florida

AA meetings in Marco Island allow a forum for all those dealing with alcohol abuse issues to battle the disease together. This helps maintain a sense of accountability in your recovery, as you are now part of a larger entity.

Marco Island AA meetings will utilize pillars of Alcoholics Anonymous, such as the “Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous”. These “steps” are twelve principals used by Alcoholics Anonymous to help you learn how to quiet the voice of your alcoholism and learn to live a fulfilled life substance-free. You might also be privy to common slogans of AA meetings, like “First Things First” and “Easy Does It”. Simple and concise, these slogans help keep the full scope of the recovery process in perspective. It can seem daunting to think about life-long recovery from alcohol. Reminding yourself that you are not alone and to take your sobriety bit-by-bit can help you combat those overwhelming emotions.

Finding AA Meetings Near Me

AA meetings in Marco Island are offered in many common community locales throughout the week. Many people find AA meetings through other people directly, such as friends, doctors, therapists, or co-workers. Your hometown substance abuse treatment center is also quite familiar with Marco Island AA meetings and can help you get started in the fellowship. You can also ask confidential questions about Alcoholics Anonymous, substance abuse, and recovery options.

Here are some locations for AA meetings in the Marco Island area:

Alano Club
20 Marco Lake Dr. Unit 6
Marco Island, FL 34145

24 Hour Club
1509 Pine Ridge Rd.
Naples, FL 34109

For more information on Alcoholics Anonymous, check out their website. You will be able to find FAQ’s, information, and more to help you find the answers you need to go to your first Marco Island AA meeting.

NA Meetings in Marco Island, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous was founded in 1953 and has helped thousands of people struggling with drug addiction ever since. As with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, Marco Island NA meetings have one prerequisite for attendance: the will to be clean and sober of all substances. Narcotics Anonymous relies on a “Twelve Step” program as well, as teachings of a sober life can be applicable to all substances. As you progress through your Narcotics Anonymous meetings, you will have the help of a sponsor. A sponsor is an experienced member of NA who is there to help guide you along the path. This provides you additional support in your recovery and reminds you that you are not alone. It is comforting to be around peers who can understand something as stigmatizing as drug addiction; shame is removed and walls can be dropped to allow complete healing and change.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

As with Alcoholics Anonymous meetings, NA meetings in Marco Island are organized throughout the week for you to get started with this amazing support system. Odds are NA meetings are happening closer to home than you even realized. While there are plenty of options for Marco Island NA meetings, you might want help narrowing down which ones suit your needs the most. This can be difficult to ascertain without attending and with little knowledge of Narcotics Anonymous. Expert local help is available to you to call with confidential questions about NA meetings and other tools of recovery. The Narcotics Anonymous website will allow you to access literature and general information to help you prepare for your first meeting.

Here are just some of the NA meeting locations in and around Marco Island:

Mackle Park
1361 Andalusia Ter.
Marco Island, FL 34145

Saint Monica’s Church
7070 Immokalee Rd.
Naples, FL 34108

You are not alone in your struggle. Find a safe support group of peers to help share your burden and learn how to lead a happier and healthier life by checking out Alcoholics Anonymous and Narcotics Anonymous today. You can also learn more about other recovery resources to give yourself the most comprehensive support system possible with The Recovery Village.