Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Jupiter, Florida

Drug testing is increasingly becoming a fact of life for everyone. Whether you are applying for a job, submitting to a drug test due to a legal requirement, or taking a drug test as part of an addiction recovery program in Jupiter, Florida, drug testing has gone from a rare, stigmatized action to a simple part of daily life.

However, that means that choosing the right facility and understanding what you are agreeing to and why has never been more important. A proper drug testing facility in Jupiter offers clear and rapid results with a high degree of accuracy and understands the necessary circumstances surrounding your need for a testing facility. Whether you are an employer working to limit liability and ensure employees abide by your code of conduct or a private individual fulfilling an obligation to your family or the courts, the right facility can help you meet those obligations safely, legally, and in a respectful and kind way.

Jupiter Drug Testing Centers

To begin, it is important to grasp the basics of drug testing. Drug testing does not look for the drugs themselves, except in very specific circumstances. Drug tests analyze the chemicals into which various drugs break down as they are processed by the body. For example, doctors testing urine for marijuana do not look for THC, tetrahydrocannabinol, which is the active “high” in marijuana. Instead, they are looking for THCCOOH, which is what THC breaks down into as it is filtered through the body, and they are looking for a specific level of it that demonstrates recent marijuana use.

This is important because it means there is no “universal” drug test, but a series of tests for different drugs, which are generally referred to as “panels.” If somebody is smoking marijuana and using steroids, and you do not request a steroid panel, the test will not return evidence of steroids. In order to perform a proper drug test, you will need to determine which drugs you are most concerned about finding. It is commonly recommended you test for marijuana, opiates, amphetamines, cocaine, and phencyclidines (better known as PCP,) but you can test for other drugs as well, depending on the lab and your needs.

This approach also means that some drugs are more difficult to test for than others, and may require different approaches, such as a different form of specimen, or sample drawn from the body. Urine and blood are the most commonly taken specimens, in part because of their convenience, but depending on the drug and its metabolites, you may need to test sweat, saliva, or hair. Much will depend on both to what the person being tested is willing to consent, and how recently you believe the person has consumed the drug.

It will also depend on why you are testing for the drug. For example, urine is commonly used in pre-employment screening as it generally offers a clear picture of the last month or so of drug consumption, if any test returns positive at all. Drug screenings being performed to determine a longer history may use hair tests.

No matter what, the lab you choose should be confidential, speedy, accurate, and most importantly, experienced. “False positives,” while rare if the lab is properly informed of legitimate medications and other concerns, can happen, and an experienced lab is able to sort the urban legend of the poppy seed bagel out from a result that offers a legitimate concern. Consult the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) comprehensive list of HHS certified laboratories to find one near Jupiter.

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

When seeking a drug testing facility, you will need to ensure that it can meet both your medical needs and your logistical ones. A court-ordered drug test will need a higher degree of confidentiality than an employer sending in batches of employees to be tested.

Start with a medical professional with whom you regularly work. This could be your personal doctor, or it could be a company doctor who handles other medical matters for your firm. Discuss your needs and the situation with them, and they will likely have a recommendation for you.

Another potential source is your insurer. In some cases, you may be taking the test at the behest of your insurer, and they will be able to inform you of a specific facility they trust. Especially with insurer-mandated tests, they may prefer you use their facility.

The Recovery Village is another resource you can use to find a reliable drug testing facility in Jupiter. A quick call to our professional, courteous staff can net you information on testing facilities in your area as well as information on addiction treatment resources available in and around Jupiter if needed.

Finally, you can simply locate a facility online and contact them directly for a confidential discussion. Be sure to explain exactly why the test is being administered, for what drugs you are tested, and ask how quickly you can receive results and which specimen may be used. Remember that a drug test usually needs the consent of the person being tested. No matter how you test, pick a lab you trust. It will ensure that you get the results you need.