AA and NA Meetings in Homosassa

Although addiction is sometimes called a family disease, addiction recovery can be a lonely process. The people who are close to you may be affected in their own ways by the challenges that come with your addiction, but they often do not understand what it feels like to have an addiction themselves or do not comprehend the difficulties that can come with trying to give up a substance.

This means that even if you have supportive loved ones, you may feel isolated and distanced from them as you work to overcome your addiction. That isolation can be dangerous; it can weaken your willpower and tempt you to relapse. A strong support network can be the key to recovery and healing for many people suffering from substance use disorders.

Support groups like Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) and Narcotics Anonymous (NA) can provide you with a community of others who keenly understand your struggle and can give support and advice based on their own similar experiences. Attending AA or NA meetings in Homosassa can be a lifeline for people working their way through recovery.

Some people attend their first AA or NA meeting as part of a substance abuse treatment program in Homosassa, but there are also several standalone meetings held throughout the area for those who are not currently a part of a treatment program.   This guide explains what AA and NA are, why they were formed, and how to find a meeting that is right for you.

AA Meetings in Homosassa, Florida

AA meetings in Homosassa are open to anyone who sincerely desires to overcome their alcohol addiction. Alcoholics Anonymous groups do not discriminate based on class, gender, race, religion, or political affiliation. Alcoholism affects people from all demographics and walks of life, and Alcoholics Anonymous is a resource for anyone is affected.

AA meetings in Homosassa are organized around a set of guidelines known as the twelve steps. These steps are a roadmap for overcoming alcohol dependency and navigating re-entry to sober living. Alcoholics Anonymous was the first support group to organize around the 12-step principles, but not the last. Today many support groups use the twelve steps, but Alcoholics Anonymous remains the largest such group.

When you attend AA meetings in Homosassa, you will find many members in various places along the twelve-step path. Recovery takes time, and members are allowed to move at their own paces through the process. You will be able to receive guidance and encouragement from those who are further along their path than you are, and you can share your own advice and support with newer members.

Finding AA Meeting Near Me

All AA meetings in Homosassa have similarities, as they are all organized around the same twelve-step principles. But they also have differences, and it is important to take those into account. The location, leadership, and group makeup all have their own effects on the feel of the meetings. You should feel safe and supported at AA meetings in Homosassa, so choose based on the factors that make you most comfortable.

It is up to you which meetings you attend. Pick meetings that are convenient for you to attend and where you feel comfortable and safe among the membership. Some of the AA meetings available in or near Homosassa include:

Nature Coast Church
5113 S. Suncoast Blvd.
Homosassa, FL 34446

Crystal River Group Early Birds
Club Recovery of Citrus County
2322 E. Hercala Ln.
Hernando, FL 34446

Our Lady of Grace Catholic Church
6 Roosevelt Blvd.
Beverly Hills, FL 34465

You can find more AA meetings in the Homosassa area on the Alcoholics Anonymous website.

NA Meetings in Homosassa, Florida

Narcotics Anonymous is the second-largest twelve-step group after Alcoholics Anonymous. Although Homosassa NA meetings are organized around the same set of guidelines as AA meetings, they are designed to address the specific needs of people dealing with addiction to drugs, rather than alcohol. Drug addiction can encompass a variety of different substances. Prescription drug addiction is a growing problem facing many individuals in Florida and across the United States. Addiction to illegal street drugs is also common. It is possible to struggle with addiction to more than one substance at a time. Regardless of your drug of choice, you will find a community that understands your challenges when you attend NA meetings in Homosassa.

NA meetings in Homosassa are useful for people in all stages of recovery. Often, support group meetings are an integral part of a rehabilitation program, but people who have finished rehabilitation program or who are attempting to overcome addiction without a rehabilitation program can also find value in attending NA meetings. For many people, substance use disorders are a lasting condition that must be managed throughout one’s life. NA meetings in Homosassa are a helpful resource in that continued management.

Finding NA Meetings Near Me

As with AA meetings, NA meetings in Homosassa can vary in tone based on various factors like leadership and location, even though they all share common principles. You may find that some NA meetings are geared more toward newly sober members, while others are better-suited for people who have been in recovery for some time. No matter where you are on your path to recovery, there are NA meetings in Homosassa that will welcome you.

Some Homosassa area NA meetings include:

First Christian Church of Homosassa Springs
7030 W. Grover Cleveland Blvd.
Lecanto, FL 34461

Classroom Building Centers
3238 S. Lecanto Hwy.
Lecanto, FL 34461

147 Northwest 7th St.
Crystal River, FL 34428

If you are looking for additional meetings in the area, find groups by zip-code on the Narcotics Anonymous website.

The Recovery Village understands the power of peer support in addiction recovery. Each of our comprehensive addiction treatment plans includes AA or NA meetings and other 12-step programs to support your recovery. Reach out to us today to find meetings in your area.