Substance Abuse Counseling in Stuart, Florida

Those dealing with substance abuse disorders often require outside assistance to overcome the problem. That is where substance abuse counseling comes into play. This healing modality incorporates components from different treatment methods, including behavioral therapy, cognitive therapy, and psychotherapy.

Many drug and alcohol rehabilitation centers, like The Recovery Village®, incorporate drug and alcohol counseling as part of their programs. During regularly scheduled meetings with a drug and alcohol counselor, clients discuss the underlying issues that led to the behavioral health issues, including addressing any psychological or emotional problems. There are several options for meeting with a licensed alcohol and drug counselor for addiction treatment in Stuart, Florida and nearby areas.

Stuart, Florida Addiction Counseling 

Many individuals struggling with substance abuse disorder have underlying mental, emotional, or psychological issues. A substance abuse counselor in Stuart tailors addiction counseling to the need of the individual and listens to clients to provide assistance in ways to work through the issues.

It is common for substance abuse counselors to have training in human behavior and psychology. They also have an understanding of different treatment modalities, including chemical therapy, to find the right protocol for the individual.

During sessions, drug and alcohol counselors work with the client to uncover the root causes of addiction. As part of substance abuse counseling, individuals may also:

  • Discover healthier coping mechanisms
  • Participate in group therapy
  • Attend support groups or undertake 12-step programs
  • Create goals and plans for their treatment, with the aid of a counselor
  • Find sober living and develop an aftercare program
  • Generate a plan for going back to work or finding a job

One of the most important components of therapy is to work with a counselor that matches your needs, expectations, and personality. Ideally, you want someone who provides a safe space and treats you with compassion while imparting effective advice for your recovery.

Local Licensed Drug Counselor 

Although working with a licensed therapist is an important part of substance abuse counseling in Stuart, Florida, working with a local, certified drug counselor also helps. A drug counselor generally focuses on those who have drug addiction problems, such as addiction to opioids, narcotics, stimulants, or prescription medication.

Some drug abuse counselors do not have the same scope of practice as a therapist. However, they still have the training and expertise to assist with recommending different programs, such as a 12-step program, a treatment facility, or a support group. They also can listen and advise on certain issues connected to the drug addiction.

Local Certified Alcohol Counselor 

Substance abuse disorders do not just include drug abuse or addiction; they also include alcohol abuse or alcohol addiction. Local, certified alcohol counselors have many of the same roles as a drug counselor.

Their job is to assist an individual in finding the right treatment while also supporting the individual in recovery. Alcohol counselors work with those still struggling with their addiction as well as those who are already in a treatment program or in recovery.

When looking for an alcohol counselor, make sure that you work with someone certified by the National Association for Addiction Professionals. Such counselors will be licensed in the state of Florida, which means that you can have confidence that you are receiving care from a qualified counselor.

Drug Addiction Counselor Stuart, FL

Drug addiction counselors also work with people in many different stages of substance abuse disorder, ranging from those still using to those in recovery. They emphasize supporting clients and providing a safe space to discuss their challenges to increase the chance of a long-lasting recovery.

You have many options for finding a drug addiction counselor in Stuart. The most important thing is to find someone with whom you have a rapport and someone you can trust, especially since you will be sharing your personal feelings and concerns and investigating some deeply rooted issues that impact your substance abuse. The Recovery Village® can help you to find recommendations for yourself or a loved one. Give us a call today.

Substance Abuse Counseling Programs Near Me

When looking for an addiction counselor for your situation, there are some important considerations to make. Consider the following to help you narrow down the selection:

  • Ask around: A significant percentage of the population struggle with substance abuse disorders, so it is likely that you know someone in your personal network, whether a friend, coworker, or family member, who has undertaken substance abuse counseling. Ask around to find recommendations.
  • Doctor: Your doctor should have a relationship with a few treatment programs and/or counselors, so ask your primary care doctor for recommendations.
  • Insurance: Most insurance companies cover substance abuse treatment programs. Look at your coverage, and if you choose to use your insurance coverage, look at their database to find a covered program.
  • Hotlines: There are 24-hour hotlines that provide advice when you need it. The Recovery Village® has two hotlines: alcohol and drug.
  • Online: You can also do a Google search to find options and review the online reviews.

Our representatives at The Recovery Village® are always standing by to talk to you confidentially about drug or alcohol treatment as well as options for substance abuse programs. Reaching out and talking to someone is the first step in getting the treatment for yourself or a loved one. In addition to our own services and payment options, we provide information on local counselors and the detoxification and rehabilitation process.