Marriage Counseling and Family Therapy in Orlando, Florida

You are likely familiar with the concept of individual therapy, where people go into therapy to discuss their past, their concerns, and how it affects their present. But no one is truly an island, and in some cases, a spouse or a family should also speak to a therapist trained to work with interpersonal relationships. Marriage counselors and family therapists can help couples and families work through their challenges and spot and alter their damaging patterns of behavior.

Marriage Counseling in Orlando, Florida

Marriage and family therapy can be used to resolve interpersonal conflict between couples, disputes and conflict between parents and children, issues surrounding chronic mental illness such as clinical depression or schizophrenia, issues of intimacy between couples, other psychological issues such as eating disorders, the strain that comes with elder care, the grief of losing a loved one, and substance abuse issues and dependency in Orlando.

When a couple or a family comes to a counselor, the counselor will first explore what issues caused them to seek counseling, ask for the perspective of each family member on the issues, and observe how the group interacts to see how they express themselves. The counselor will also encourage those in the group to consider whether their needs will be met, and if not, the counselor will happily refer you to another professional. If couples and families choose to continue counseling, some “ground rules” will be established and the work can begin.

Orlando Marriage Therapy

While widely presented as a “last ditch” effort, marriage therapy is actually for any couple seeking to improve intimacy and better communication. In some cases, some issues can only be resolved by a neutral third party observing both sides and addressing root causes of common issues. Research shows that marriage therapy can be very effective.

Marriage therapy is not just about the couple, however. Both members of the couple, individually, will need to work on themselves, to become more aware of their partner and their needs, to better understand their own patterns of behavior, and to improve themselves in ways large and small.

Finding Marriage Counseling Near Me

The best marriage counselor will be one who has experience in the specific issues facing the couple, is fully trained and credentialed, and can be a neutral moderator that allows both sides to speak and can mediate disputes if they come to the fore. Both members of the couple should be comfortable with their therapist or counselor, and the counselor should fit both their time needs and their financial capability. Couples should speak to their doctor, their insurer, or another professional for proper referrals.

Family Therapy Orlando, FL

The family unit is how you learn to interact with the world, for better and for worse. The words you use, the actions you take, and the choices you pick in interpersonal relationships and the wider world you first learn from your family. As a result, treating family dysfunction is often about finding, and breaking, deep-seated patterns in your behavior and discovering why you make those decisions.

Family therapy can help the entire family to form stronger, healthier bonds not just between members but with friends, coworkers, and others.

Orlando Family Counseling

Family counseling will involve both group sessions and individual sessions one-to-one as necessary, with the goal of spotting dysfunctional behavior and its causes and then working to overcome that cause and to replace the behavior with more effective strategies. It draws ideas and techniques from a wide range of practice. One therapist may prefer cognitive therapy, while another will use more behavioral techniques, and a third may combine both.

What is key, however, is the therapist helps all members of the family think more about how their actions affect those around them and how to factor that into the decisions they make. A healthier family can only come if everyone in that family does the work.

Finding Family Counseling Near Me

One of the main concerns with family therapists is finding a therapist with whom all parties can be comfortable. Often you will have the best luck seeking referral through someone who knows the whole family well. Start with your family doctor, who may know somebody who can address the unique challenges faced by your family. If you are seeking family counseling because of a substance abuse or other mental health issue, that family member’s therapist may be able to refer you to a colleague. You can also consult with your insurer, who may have professionals in their network with whom you can consult, or you can contact anonymous helplines or ask family friends for a referral if you would prefer that.

However, remember that family issues do not magically solve themselves. Families can become healthier and happier if they do the work, and a good family therapist can assist you in building a stronger bond and a happier, healthier home environment. Take the brave step of reaching out to The Recovery Village today to find resources for marriage and family counseling in the Orlando area.