Finding an Interventionist in Lake Wales, Florida

Intervention is a process meant to encourage individuals with substance use disorders to enter treatment. Access to rehabilitation is typically presented at the intervention, after a confrontation with friends, family members, and co-workers. An intervention is successful when led by a counselor with experience and credentials. Lake Wales intervention counselors help people just like your loved one enter addiction treatment in a Lake Wales alcohol and drug rehab.

An effective intervention begins with those closest to the individual with substance abuse issues. Family members and friends are often the first to see unhealthy patterns and behaviors in their loved ones, so it makes sense that they are the ones who become most actively involved in an intervention. In an intervention, everybody learns how to take on healthier roles in their relationships.

Finding an intervention counselor in Lake Wales who is experienced with substance abuse is crucial for success. These interventionists are well-versed in issues that tend to arise during an intervention, like violence or expressions of mental illness. Making your interventionist aware of these circumstances can help provide better care for your loved one.

Nobody can discount the deeply personal nature of going through an intervention. Recovery from substance abuse is difficult for everybody involved, and success is much simpler when you are working with a professional with whom you feel comfortable. The personality and skills of your Lake Wales interventionist should match up with the individual being treated for best results. Take the time to find a professional that appeals to these factors.

One of the first steps to Lake Wales drug intervention is often a phone interview. As the person seeking an intervention for a loved one, this gives you the opportunity to ask questions and get to know the professional better before making a decision. During this phone call, you might consider these common interview questions:

  • What kinds of addiction have you worked with in the past?
  • How do you address drug and alcohol addiction during an intervention?
  • What communication style do you use during an intervention?
  • How can those attending the intervention prepare?
  • What should I do while my loved one is in treatment?
  • What happens if my loved one does not choose recovery?

Once you receive answers to these questions, you can better determine if the interventionist will be a good match for your scenario.

Drug Intervention Counselor in Lake Wales, FL

Intervention counselors in Lake Wales understand the role they must take on to fight against behaviors considered enabling and co-dependent. Counselors want to show family members and friends how to hold their loved one accountable. Only after these changes are made can you expect your loved one to adjust his or her behaviors.

Individuals with substance use disorders often use tactics like manipulation to remain comfortable with using drugs or alcohol. As a result, the individual never truly hits rock bottom. They can continue using drugs or alcohol with what seems to be little or no consequence.

One of the most difficult parts of a Lake Wales drug intervention for family members and friends is typically learning how to adjust their own behaviors and attitudes. Some attitudes are inherently dangerous for individuals with substance abuse issues. For instance, many family members believe that their loved one will stop using if only they got a lucky break or entered a new relationship. This is simply not the case.

Lake Wales, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

Lake Wales intervention counselors typically follow a series of steps as part of the process. While your process may vary, the general steps will look like this:

 1) Initial Consultation

First, you will probably have a phone consultation or quick meeting with the interventionist. The interventionist’s role will be to look for the reasons why your loved one is comfortable with the existing conditions.

Positive outcomes for intervention are most likely when the entire family gets on the same page. Opinions may differ, but the central goal of each person needs to be working to aid this individual in achieving a healthier life.

 2) Family Education

Even families experienced in dealing with substance abuse are often not educated about the condition. As normal as this may be, interventionists rely on educating people about the needs of individuals with substance use disorders and their treatment options.

Long-term success relies on the education of family members and friends. With an interventionist, Lake Wales residents will learn that the “need” to hit rock bottom is not necessarily a truth. In fact, waiting for so long could become dangerous, especially when enabling behaviors prevent hitting rock bottom from occurring.

 3) Initiate the Intervention Process

Waiting too long can lead to more comfort with the concept of addiction and allows your loved one to go further down an unhealthy path. Change must begin today for you to see the rewards.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

While alcohol interventions may make up a significant portion of the work Lake Wales interventionists do, the truth is that many people do not realize intervention for alcohol is possible. The legality of alcohol can make it all the more difficult for people to realize that they may have a problem drinking it. Without professional help, many people never receive help for alcohol addiction.

For this reason, alcohol interventionists typically focus on the behavior stemming from drinking rather than the amount of alcohol or how often an individual drinks. Denial and selfishness can be common symptoms of substance use disorder, and interventionists strive to create a sense of accountability among addicted individuals.

Alcohol abuse is a family disease, meaning that it influences everybody involved. If you feel stuck and at the end of your rope, alcohol intervention may be the next step toward recovery. With help, you can assist your loved one to enter treatment and encourage the rest of the family to seek the help they need as well.

When you begin searching for a local alcohol interventionist, Lake Wales has many resources. During your search, make sure that you begin by looking in these common places:

 Medical Doctor – Your regular physician may have great suggestions for qualified alcohol and drug interventionists in Lake Wales. Schedule your next appointment to discuss your choices.

 Google –  Search engines are available to find local intervention counselors. Lake Wales residents should have no problem finding professionals who meet their standards. When you perform an Internet search, you can also find personal reviews and referrals.

Insurance Company –  Your insurance plan may cover intervention counselors in Lake Wales. Call your company to learn more about how you can minimize financial stress as you search for a counselor.

Friendly Referrals – Your loved ones may know interventionists in your area as well. In fact, many people you might never expect utilize counselors and interventionists.

When you make the decision to see a counselor or interventionist, you are taking decisive action. You are putting fate in your own hands rather than allowing it to carry you and your loved ones away. Find out more about interventionists and other addiction treatment resources in the Lake Wales area; call The Recovery Village today!