Drug Testing Centers and Facilities in Hudson, Florida

The prevalence of drug abuse and addiction in Hudson make it increasingly necessary to find drug testing facilities in the area for both professional and personal use. Whether you are an employer concerned about the potential drug use of an employee or a family member of a person who may be in need of substance abuse treatment in Hudson, a drug testing facility can quickly and professionally handle your needs.

Hudson Drug Testing Centers

Though there are a variety of drug testing centers from which to choose in Hudson and surrounding areas, it is best to first determine what type of test is needed. There are two main factors to consider. First, you will want to have some idea as to the substance for which the test is to be done. Second, you will want to know which type of specimen will need to be collected to perform that test.

A common type of drug test that most Hudson drug test facilities offer is known as a 5-panel test. This test screens for:

  • cocaine
  • marijuana
  • PCP
  • amphetamines
  • opiates

There are, of course, other more extensive tests that can detect other drugs, but the 5-panel test is the most commonly ordered test in Hudson.

Regarding the specimens to be collected, here are the main choices:

  • Urine, which is the most common specimen tested because the test is inexpensive, non-invasive, and yields clear results.
  • Saliva, which is the second most common specimen tested because it is easy to collect and inexpensive. The caveat is that saliva is only a valid specimen for a short window of time after drug use.
  • Hair, on the other hand, is often collected when the test requires a more complete history of drug use.
  • Blood is the most accurate of the testing specimens collected, but it is not the first choice of most drug testing centers in Hudson because the test is expensive and test subjects are often reluctant to submit to the use of needles to collect the specimen.
  • Perspiration is a fairly new type of specimen used to screen for drug use. To collect perspiration, a small patch is applied directly to the skin and worn for two weeks. Once the patch is removed, it is delivered to a Hudson drug testing facility for testing.

Regardless of why you need a drug test done, there are a few standards to which you want to hold the facility you choose. First, you want to be treated professionally and ethically at all times. Second, you want to be sure that the results you receive are accurate. Using a testing facility that has been certified by the Department of Health and Human Services will help ensure this. Third, and perhaps most importantly, you want to choose a facility that will keep your results confidential, revealing them only to those whom you have authorized to see them. If a drug testing facility in Hudson can do these three things, and do them quickly, you are likely in good hands.

Common reasons for using drug testing centers in Hudson include:

  • Testing as a pre-condition of employment
  • Testing as a condition of continuing employment
  • Testing for sports or school activities
  • Testing to meet the requirements of probation
  • Testing to prove continued sobriety after addiction treatment

Finding Drug Testing Facilities Near Me

One quick way to find a local drug testing facility is simply to search online for “drug testing facilities near me.” This will likely give you lots of choices from which to choose. But, what if you want to narrow them down? Here are a few tips:

  • Talk with your doctor. Your primary care physician likely knows about several drug testing facilities in the Hudson area. An added benefit of talking with your personal doctor is that he or she is already well familiar with you and with your needs. That means that your doctor’s recommendation can be tailored to your specific circumstances.
  • Talk with your insurance provider. In cases where you will be footing the bill for drug testing, it is wise to talk with your insurance provider, who may be able to point you in the right direction for a testing facility that will work with your insurance policy.
  • Call The Recovery Village. Our representatives are well aware of the drug testing facilities in the Hudson area. They can help you find the right testing facility and, even better, help you find other addiction treatment resources depending on the outcome of the drug test. Our professional staff can walk you through the process of drug testing and addiction treatment and can discuss with you all your options for treatment in and around Hudson.

Regardless of why you need the services of a drug testing facility in Hudson and surrounding areas, The Recovery Village can help. Reach out today to talk with one of our courteous, knowledgeable professionals.