Finding an Interventionist in Homestead, Florida

Though most people believe that an interventionist is solely concerned with getting an addict into a substance abuse treatment program in Homestead, an intervention is about more than that. While helping a person get into treatment is the main goal of an intervention, interventionists in Homestead are also concerned with helping the family and friends of the addict learn how to regain control of their own lives and stop enabling the addict to continue in destructive behaviors.

It is easy to for a family to see how an addict’s behaviors are affecting the family, but sometimes, it is less easy to see how the behaviors of family members may be helping the addict continue on an addictive course. A Homestead interventionist can help the entire family come to grips with how their own behaviors have been shaped by addiction and how the entire family’s behaviors and thought patterns must change to help an addict recover.

The best interventionist for your family is the one with whom the entire family, including the addicted member, can feel comfortable. Ideally, the interventionist will have extensive experience with the substance to which your loved one is addicted and will have the proper credentials and education to effectively help your loved one.

One of the jobs of family members is to inform the interventionist of any special circumstances that may come up in the course of the intervention. For instance, if your loved one is prone to violence or becomes unreasonably defensive when substance abuse is discussed, these are things your interventionist should know prior to the intervention to ensure the safety and success of the meeting.

Some questions you might want to ask of your interventionist are:

  • How familiar are you with my loved one’s substance of choice?
  • How many interventions have you done/
  • How many of those interventions ended with the subject agreeing to enter treatment?
  • What should the family do to adequately prepare and participate?
  • What will happen if our loved one does not agree to accept treatment?
  • Will you provide support after the intervention?

Drug Intervention Counselor in Homestead, FL

Intervention counselors in Homestead are comprehensive substance abuse professionals who are there to learn as much as possible about the client and the family. All of the information the counselor learns is used to put together a strong intervention and to prepare the treatment facility for the client’s arrival.

The first part of the process followed by intervention counselors in Homestead is to spend hours in phone and personal interviews with the family. The interventionist wants to know as much as possible about the client’s condition, their mindset, their environment, and their family. All of these elements go into creating and sustaining a substance abuse issue, and the interventionist wants to be an expert on the client before the intervention begins.

Once the interventionist has gathered information, he or she will sit down with the family to answer questions and present information. Families are often unsure as to how their loved one will react to an intervention. The interventionist wants to do everything possible to prevent the intervention from driving a wedge between the family and their loved one. To do this, the interventionist makes sure that the entire family is dedicated to the idea of getting their loved one help.

An important part of the job of an interventionist in Homestead is to educate the family about addiction itself. Also, the family will need to learn how to avoid becoming co-dependent with an addicted loved one or enabling the addict to continue in addictive behaviors. Once the family learns how to take on healthy roles to help the addict recover, the actual intervention is usually scheduled to take place fairly quickly.

Homestead, FL Drug and Addiction Intervention Counselors

The interventionist acts as a resource for the family, a source of support for the client, and a go-between for the treatment facility and the family. When a family is looking for an interventionist, it needs to talk to many different professionals before it finds the one that brings out a feeling of confidence and peace of mind.

The best place to start looking for an interventionist is through the many local substance abuse treatment facilities. Since the interventionist is usually affiliated with a treatment facility, the family will want to spend time talking to the different facilities to make sure that it is comfortable with the treatment methods being offered.

The fact is that a Homestead drug intervention is not free, and neither are the hours of work the interventionist puts into planning an intervention. Luckily, many health insurance carriers offer coverage for substance abuse treatment that includes intervention services. Before a family gets involved with an intervention, it is a smart idea to discuss funding with the health insurance provider.

Alcohol Intervention Near Me

Alcohol is a substance that can do just as much damage as any drug. Alcohol abuse can cause serious medical harm to a client, and it can also destroy the life the client has spent years building. Some of the most common side-effects of alcohol abuse include loss of job, loss of family, and loss of friends. That is why so many families arrange an alcohol intervention for a loved one before alcohol does its damage.

An alcohol intervention is a complex process that should only be handled by a professional. The fact that alcohol is readily available makes planning a successful intervention much more difficult. Because alcohol is easy to buy, many alcohol interventionists try to end successful interventions with the client leaving the meeting room and going right to treatment. When there is a successful intervention, there is always the hope that the client will do what it takes to get his or her life back together.

If you feel that a loved one is suffering from substance abuse, then you can contact a substance abuse treatment facility to get in touch with an interventionist. The process of an intervention may not be as spectacular as it is made to look on television, but a successful intervention can be the thing that changes your loved one’s life in a very positive way.