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The Sober Holiday Office Party Survival Guide

Sober Holiday Office PartyMany offices have the obligatory holiday office party. Sometimes it is hard to participate if there is drinking at the party. Some companies may have the party during work hours along with a no-host bar.

Whether a grand affair with everyone dressed to the nines or a causal potluck/goodie food fest it may seem like going to a holiday party sober is more trouble than it is worth. A few simple steps can streamline anxiety and make for a good time while maintaining sobriety.

Before the party

A self pep talk about keeping boundaries and revisiting the relapse prevention plan before the party is one way to keep a balanced headspace. Going to the party feeling good emotionally can only be countered by looking good too.

With money not being spent on addiction, it is more affordable to get a new outfit or go to the salon and be pampered. Women may want to take the time to get their hair blown out, makeup done and nails painted. Men can afford to get a shave.

Last but not least bring someone reliable to the party who does not threaten ones sobriety and who knows how to have a good time.

During the Party

There are two important things to keep in mind when attending a holiday party:

  • Have a mission- Even though it is a party, one can still have goals. Pick the brains of the most interesting people in the room, fill up the dance card or grab a friend and try sampling a small piece of each dessert.
  • Keep busy- One can remain social while staying away from any drama by taking photos or video to record the event, volunteering to help keep food displayed or become the party dj.

Leaving the Party

Plan to leave the party by a certain time. Usually this means a specific hour but it can also mean once people begin to loosen up and feel the buzz it may be time to go. When party guests get past two drinks they may say or do things that is not normal for them. Reno drug detox.

Leave the party without feeling obligated to become the designated driver. A sober person’s time is just as important as anyone else’s time. Offer to call a cab or friend to pick up anyone who is not able to drive and stick with established pre-party boundaries.


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December 23rd 2013 | By: The Recovery Village | Posted In: Sober Living