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Sharing your story is an important part of the recovery journey. Recovery stories connect us, inspire us and most importantly, are affirmations to others that there is always hope for recovery.

How I Define My Boundaries and Develop Self-Esteem

How Recovery Made Life Worth Living

Why I’m Not Sorry About My Sobriety

The Sober Hipster

From Addiction to Recovery: Beth’s Story

From Addiction to Recovery: Laura S’s Story

From Addiction to Recovery: Liz R’s Story

Recovery Helped Me Find My Purpose

Austin Cooper’s Story: Finding Your Passion in Recovery

Recovering Mother: Repairing Relationships in Recovery

Paul’s Story: Recovery is a Lifelong Process

Michael G’s Story: 3 Things to Help You Through Recovery

Recovery and Relapse: Joey and Jodie’s Story

From Life of the Party to Life in Recovery

Taking Responsibility for My Recovery

As an accomplished motivational speaker, radio personality and substance abuse advocate, Johnny Emerson Joy has spent his time in recovery lifting others up and sharing his own struggles with addiction.

How Sober Living Saved My Life

For two years before I got sober, I was homeless. Admittedly, I lived out of a car for the first six months of those years. But it didn’t take long before I lost the car, too.

Always Recovering, Never Recovered

I have been recovering for a little over two years now, and I never plan to stop. In fact, I will never be done recovering…

How Moving Continents Strengthened My Recovery

The prospect of moving continent terrified me—even though I was the one who decided to do it.

How I Quit Smoking Through Harm Reduction

At around 18 months sober, I noticed the same addictive pattern of thinking and behavior that I had experienced with drugs, alcohol, and food—except this time the substance was nicotine (cigarettes).

From Addiction to Recovery: Sarah’s Story

I am 14 years old and I am in the back seat of my mom’s Toyota Tercel and I am literally heartbroken. I know my life is forever changing.

From Addiction to Recovery: Carly’s Story

I moved from Dallas to Naples, Florida when I was fourteen years old. It was the biggest change of my life at the time and when I landed there I was nervous about not knowing anyone.

From Addiction to Recovery: Young Sung Hero’s Story

My twenty-five years of active addiction was at first slow and progressive.

From Addiction to Recovery: Lara’s Story

I found myself in sobriety. I lost her along the way. The world was full of noise. It was telling me to be this and to be that.

From Addiction To Recovery: Austin’s Story

I grew up in a little part of Columbus, Ohio called Worthington. I consider my upbringing to be incredibly blessed.

From Addiction to Recovery: Laura W’s Story

“Why do you drink? What is it that alcohol does for you,” asked my counselor in our very first meeting.

From Addiction to Recovery: Olivia’s Story

Just over five years ago, I was popping pills like they were candy, and drowning my misery in four bottles of wine a day.

Attending AA Led to the Realization that I Am an Addict, Not an Alcoholic

When I walked into the rooms of AA, it was because of the depths that alcohol had taken me to.

Pills Were My Addiction, But Recovery Means I Abstain From Alcohol Too

I sit in his office. It is the first time I am willing to be honest, about anything. About all of it.

My First Refuge Recovery Meeting

I walked through the doors of The Alano Club in Portland full of curiosity and hungry for something more for my recovery.

How I Got Addicted to Adderall in School

Meet Austin Cooper, One Guy Rooting for Your Recovery

From Self-Pity to Public Service: A Story of Recovery and Hope

Despite his ‘battle within that will never end,’ recovering drug and alcohol addict Ken DeCesare is reaching out as he pulls himself up.

How Christmas has changed now that I’m sober

The Power of Addiction Recovery: Before and After Photos and Stories

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