Sharing your story is an important part of the recovery journey. Recovery stories connect us, inspire us and most importantly, are affirmations to others that there is always hope for recovery.

Taking Responsibility for My RecoveryAs an accomplished motivational speaker, radio personality and substance abuse advocate, Johnny Emerson Joy has spent his time in recovery lifting others up and sharing his own struggles with addiction.
How Sober Living Saved My LifeFor two years before I got sober, I was homeless. Admittedly, I lived out of a car for the first six months of those years. But it didn’t take long before I lost the car, too.
Always Recovering, Never RecoveredI have been recovering for a little over two years now, and I never plan to stop. In fact, I will never be done recovering...
How Moving Continents Strengthened My RecoveryThe prospect of moving continent terrified me—even though I was the one who decided to do it.
How I Quit Smoking Through Harm ReductionAt around 18 months sober, I noticed the same addictive pattern of thinking and behavior that I had experienced with drugs, alcohol, and food—except this time the substance was nicotine (cigarettes).
From Addiction to Recovery: Sarah’s StoryI am 14 years old and I am in the back seat of my mom’s Toyota Tercel and I am literally heartbroken. I know my life is forever changing.

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