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Substance Abuse Treatment in Irvine, CA

Like many places in the country, Irvine, California, has seen an increase in drug abuse disorders and alcohol addiction over the past several years, as has the state of California as a whole. In 2017, 140,587 Californians [1] sought treatment for a substance abuse disorder, but not everyone who struggled with drug abuse received the care they needed.

If you are one of the thousands of people in need of drug or alcohol rehab, there are multiple treatment options in Irvine and throughout the state. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration’s (SAMHSA) 2016 national survey data [2], California has 1,430 drug and alcohol rehab facilities that offer a wide range of treatment programs, from medical detox to aftercare planning.

In the Irvine area specifically, there are 17 clinics and centers [3] within a five-mile radius and 57 facilities within a 10-mile radius that offer treatment for some type of substance use disorder. However, many of these centers may not offer every level of care or treatment for specific disorders, so it may be worthwhile to look beyond Irvine for drug or alcohol rehab.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

Drug-related hospitalizations in Orange County
from 2013-2015

Thousands of people in Orange County, California have been hospitalized for drug and alcohol abuse in recent years, highlighting the need for Irvine drug rehab options.

Commonly Abused Drugs in Irvine, CA

In 2017, the leading cause of death [4] in Orange County was an accidental overdose on prescription opioids. The rate of opioid-related emergency room visits [5] in Orange County has increased 141 percent since 2005, and between 2011 and 2015, there were 7,457 opioid overdose cases treated in Orange County hospitals. Many of the drugs involved in these cases were among the five most-prescribed opioids in Orange County [6], which are:

Finding Help & Recovery in Irvine, CA

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    Alcohol and Drug Rehab Centers in Irvine, California

    If you’re looking for drug rehab or alcohol rehab programs in Irvine, there are many options available in the area. According to the 2016 National Survey of Substance Abuse Treatment Services, California has a variety of addiction treatment centers, with some facilities located near Irvine. To meet the needs of Orange County residents, there are 1,016 outpatient facilities, 540 residential centers, and 39 inpatient hospitalization centers in California that offer treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. Additionally, 147 California facilities offer specialized treatment for opioid addiction, which is a specific need for the city of Irvine, and Orange County as a whole.

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    Irvine Residential Treatment Programs

    According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, there are 26 facilities within a 10-mile radius of Irvine that offer residential treatment for drug and alcohol addiction. These rehab centers range from small clinics to full-service treatment facilities and are in nearby cities like Tustin, Newport Beach, Costa Mesa and Santa Ana. However, to find treatment for a specific substance abuse disorder, some people may need to travel outside of Irvine and Orange County.

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    Irvine Co-Occurring Disorders Treatment Programs

    When someone struggles with both a substance abuse disorder and a mental health condition, these are considered co-occurring disorders. While some centers only treat the symptoms of addiction, others help patients work through the underlying causes by treating substance abuse and mental health disorders together. Fortunately, more than half — 738 specifically — of all California rehab centers offer co-occurring disorder treatment. In Orange County, there are 41 facilities within a 10-mile radius of Irvine that offer co-occurring disorder treatment for people who face a drug abuse disorder and a mental illness.

California Substance Abuse Hotlines

Need immediate assistance for issues related to a drug or alcohol use disorder? These local and national hotlines can connect you to help in your area and beyond.

  • The Recovery Village


    With locations across the United States, The Recovery Village can help you find comprehensive treatment options that meet your needs.

  • Orange County Crisis Prevention

    If you or someone you know struggles with thoughts of suicide or self-harm, representatives on this helpline can provide guidance.

  • California Department of Health Services

    With services in English and Spanish, this non-emergency number can help California residents learn more about substance use prevention and treatment.

  • California Poison Control

    This hotline offers free, over-the-phone services and referrals for drug- or alcohol-related poisoning emergencies.

Drug and Alcohol Detox Centers in Irvine

Drug and alcohol detox is the critical first step toward healing from addiction. Detoxing means getting rid of all traces of drugs or alcohol in the body, and as a natural part of this process, withdrawal symptoms will set in. Because drug and alcohol withdrawal symptoms can be life-threatening if not treated appropriately, cold turkey and at-home detox methods can be highly dangerous. Since detox can be a dangerous process, people who need to detox from drugs or alcohol can benefit from enrolling in a medical detox program at a rehab facility.

Medical detoxification involves the removal of substances from the body with 24-hour clinical care from medical professionals. The length of detox takes varies depending on a person’s physical attributes, age, the severity of their addiction and the substances they used. During a medically supervised detox program, doctors and nurses help clients cleanse their bodies of toxic substances and mitigate withdrawal symptoms as much as possible. Medically assisted detox is considered safer than cold-turkey detox or at-home detox because it provides the client with constant monitoring and clinical support throughout the process.

Finding a rehab facility that provides on-site detoxification can make the entire treatment process easier. Clients often become acquainted with the facility while in detox and can become more comfortable with staff members and other patients, making the transition out of detox and into treatment smoother. However, only 200 residential treatment facilities in California offer medical detoxification. In the Irvine area specifically, there are 21 facilities within a 10-mile radius of Irvine that offer detox treatment for substance abuse disorders. These centers may not be appropriate for people who desire the full continuum of care at one facility, but there are full-service rehab centers across the country that offer medical detox care.

Finding the Best Drug or Alcohol Rehab Program

Recognizing substance abuse as an issue and making the decision to seek treatment is taking a significant step toward a healthier life. However, finding the best drug or alcohol rehab program can be overwhelming, especially with so many different options in the Irvine area and throughout California.

There are a wide variety of facilities in Irvine and across the country to choose from, and many factors that need to be considered when choosing a rehab center. While you’re weighing your options, it’s important to ask the following questions:

  • Are detox, residential and outpatient care offered?
  • Does the facility treat mental health conditions that co-occur with addiction?
  • What is the average length of stay for each program?
  • Which therapeutic techniques are used?
  • Are aftercare services provided to help clients transition to life after treatment?

Aftercare and Sober Living in Irvine

Healing and growth do not stop once a person completes drug or alcohol rehabilitation. Oftentimes one of the biggest struggles with recovery from drug or alcohol addiction is transitioning back to the community and resuming responsibilities at home, school or work.

Aftercare and sober living programs are recommended for those who have already completed rehab and are ready to make the transition back to living independently. In aftercare programs, those in recovery can attend 12-step recovery meetings, continue meeting with a counselor, or participate in alumni events that are designed to promote sobriety. In California, 1,167 rehab facilities offer an aftercare program to help people make a comfortable return to their lives outside of rehab.

One of the most valuable resources available during the aftercare stage is sober living. These substance-free residences offer a chance for people to resume their responsibilities without worrying about being exposed to drugs or alcohol. They also provide a built-in support network with others focused on sobriety. A study published by the Journal of Psychoactive Drugs [7] surveyed 300 people who lived at sober living homes and found that they enjoyed a more sustained sobriety and peer support than people who did not live in a sober-living residence.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Irvine

Recovery meetings are an effective way to continue developing coping skills alongside peers, even after a rehab program ends. People who live in or near Irvine have numerous options for support groups and can choose which ones best suit their schedule and needs.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) is one of the most well-known recovery fellowships in the country, and there are numerous meeting locations in Irvine.

  • St. Andrews Episcopal Church
    4400 Barranca Pkwy.
    Irvine, CA 92604
  • Mariners Church
    5001 Newport Coast Dr.
    Irvine, CA 92603
  • UCI
    UCI-Natural Sciences 2 Rm 4210
    Irvine, CA 92697

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Using the same 12-step treatment program as AA, the Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings are dedicated to helping people who struggle with drug abuse and addiction.

  • Anaheim Salvation Army Building
    1515 W North St.
    Anaheim, CA 92801
  • Costa Mesa Alano Club
    2040 Placentia Ave.
    Costa Mesa, CA 92627
  • Magnolia Park
    7702 Westminster Blvd.
    Westminster CA 92683

SMART Recovery Meetings

For people who want alternative guidance for their recovery process, SMART Recovery is a viable option. The program is based on principles of self-reliance and self-empowerment to encourage success in recovery.

  • Morningside Recovery
    1400 Reynolds Ave.
    Reynolds Ave. Suite 200
    Irvine, CA 92614
  • Kaiser Irvine Medical Center
    6640 Alton Pkwy.
    Irvine, CA 92618

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Addiction doesn’t just affect the person who abuses drugs or alcohol, but also everyone who loves them. Friends and family members of people who struggle with a substance abuse disorder also need emotional support. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon meetings provide an opportunity for the loved ones of those struggling with addiction to come together and learn more about how they can support their friend or family member, and themselves.

  • Al-Anon
    Church Of Latter Day Saints
    23 Lake Rd.
    Irvine, CA 92604
  • Nar-Anon
    Anaheim Christian Reform Church
    530 N. Dale Ave.
    Anaheim, CA 92801

Exploring Treatment Options Near Irvine, CA

Irvine has seen an uptick in drug and alcohol use and addiction in recent years. While the number of people who need help rises, there are options available both in the city and throughout the state of California. However, not all drug and alcohol treatment centers provide the same quality of treatment to their patients. Some do not have all levels of care, while others do not provide for co-occurring disorder treatment. Looking for treatment outside the city of Irvine, or even beyond the state of California, can help find the match for your needs.

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