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Sacramento is the third largest city in California and the state’s capital. This city is a rapidly growing hub of culture, art and night life. You can find something for everyone in Sacramento, whether you’re into art, great food or historical sites, Sacramento has it all. Historic landmarks, such as Sutter’s Fort and the Sacramento Historic City Cemetery date back to the Gold Rush era.

Even with its inviting atmosphere, Sacramento has been hit by a wave of increased drug and alcohol abuse like many other places across the country. Over the past 10 years, the number of people affected by addiction has hit an all-time high, with many feeling hopeless and helpless against this disease. But there is hope for recovery, and help is available to those suffering from drug or alcohol misuse.

There is a wide range of options for drug and alcohol treatment in Sacramento. The Recovery Village has a national network of rehab facilities supported by a dedicated and professional staff that’s available to determine the appropriate treatment options for you based on your particular needs. With a proper treatment program, recovery is very possible. Call The Recovery Village today to discuss your options for drug rehab in Sacramento, California.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

california drug overdose deaths
in 2014

As drug and alcohol use problems have increased across the state, so have overdose deaths. In 2014 the number of overdose deaths skyrocketed to an astounding 4,500. If you are struggling with substance misuse problems, don’t wait; call The Recovery Village and find the help you need.

Finding Help in Sacramento

Sacramento, California Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Centers

There are multiple options for recovery treatment programs and drug rehab centers in Sacramento, CA. Before you enter a program for drug treatment in Sacramento or start your recovery journey, you must first understand the functions of the various types of treatment programs. Once you have a better grasp of the various recovery programs, then you can make an informed decision as to which is your best option.

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    In a residential treatment program, individuals live at the Sacramento drug rehab center. Typically, they have their vitals monitored by a medical staff, attend counseling sessions and go to educational lectures pertaining to the disease of addiction and various recovery practices. These programs are best suited for patients with long term or more severe substance use issues. A few different options are offered for inpatient drug rehab in Sacramento, CA.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    In partial hospitalization programs, which are also referred to as PHP, patients live at home or in another secure place while attending in-house treatment for a number of hours every day. This type of treatment generally requires the individual to be at the Sacramento drug rehab facility for five to eight hours each day. This time consists of recovery education, counseling and group therapy. A PHP can be used as a next step for those who have completed inpatient or residential treatment, but it is also a potential option for those looking for less intensive treatment. You can find partial hospitalization programs at Sacramento drug treatment facilities.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient programs are generally entered as a continuing step in the recovery process of someone who has successfully completed residential and partial hospitalization treatment or as an option for someone needing less intense treatment. Outpatient treatment gives the patient a way to attend recovery programs without needing to live on site at the facility. During outpatient treatment, patients sometimes live at home, in a halfway house or in similar recovery housing. Various programs are available for outpatient drug rehab in Sacramento, CA.

With the variety of treatment program options, making a decision may seem daunting, but there are specialists who can walk you through the process. They will ask you to take into consideration the length of your substance use, the severity of your misuse, how intense you feel your treatment needs to be and your financial ability. If you need assistance in choosing the best program for you, The Recovery Village can help.

Detox Centers

Sacramento drug detox centers are an important part of recovery for many individuals. The main goal of detox is to remove the substances from your body safely. Detox centers can help you get through withdrawal in as little pain as possible so that you don’t feel you need to use again in order to relieve the discomfort. During detox a patient will be monitored by medical staff and given certain medications to help ease the discomfort of detox symptoms. Sacramento offers a variety of options for medical detox.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Recovery meetings are often considered an important part of continued treatment and recovery care. These meetings offer a space to share your experiences with others in recovery and a place where you can find support and comfort for yourself. Meeting attendance has often been considered a critical part of successful sustained recovery. Find meetings in Sacramento and the surrounding areas that are best suited to you and your current situation.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is one of the oldest treatment programs in the country and one that reports having helped millions of people suffering from alcohol misuse over the years. AA follows a 12-Step program that focuses on the person suffering surrendering and yielding to a higher power over their substance misuse. If you want to attend an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting, there are many taking place in and near Sacramento.

  • HI-Flyers Where:
    3077 Alhambra Dr. Cameron Park, CA 95682
  • Native Sons Hall Where:
    9151 Grove St. Elk Grove, CA 95624
  • Placerville Senior Center Where:
    937 Spring St. Placerville, CA 95667

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Narcotics Anonymous was created in the 1980s as a way to introduce the 12 Step program to those suffering specifically from drug addiction. These meetings offer drug users a space to interact and share their stories with others in similar situations. Sacramento and the surrounding areas offer a few different NA meetings.

  • Transitional Living and Community Support Where:
    719 J St. Sacramento, CA 95814
  • Fruitridge Christian Church Where:
    4445 Fruitridge Rd. Sacramento, CA 95820
  • First Church of the Nazarene Where:
    1820 28th St. Sacramento, CA 95816

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART recovery meetings offer a different recovery meeting option for those who may not feel as though the traditional 12-Step program offered through NA and AA is appropriate for them. SMART recovery centers around a four-point program that encourages a self-management approach to recovery. You can find a few SMART recovery meetings in Sacramento.

  • Better Decisions Counseling Where:
    10366 Rockingham Dr. Sacramento, CA 95827

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon were created to help the families and loved ones of those suffering from drug or alcohol addiction find hope as well as a path to their own recovery. If you have a loved one currently suffering from addiction or in recovery, these meetings allow you to discuss with others how your life has been affected by addiction and how you may need to heal from that environment. Attending an Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meeting may offer you some help and hope. Sacramento offers a variety of options if you are looking for Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings near you.

  • Al-Anon Where:
    Parkside Community Church 5700 S Land Park Dr. Sacramento, CA 95822
  • Nar-Anon Where:
    First United Methodist Church 2100 J St. Sacramento, CA 95816

The Sacramento area has many different options for people suffering from drug or alcohol misuse. You can also travel to a nearby city or other area for different and sometimes more aptly suited treatment options. Explore options in neighboring Sacramento cities, or check out one of the many treatment facilities that The Recovery Village has throughout the country.

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