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Clovis is a quiet community located in Fresno County, California. Lined with horse ranches, citrus groves and plenty of entertainment throughout the area in the form of shopping centers, theaters and galleries, the area offers residents the best of many worlds. Spend the day at the rodeo or go out for a family day of amusement: these are just some the exciting opportunities available in Clovis.

As the population of Clovis has begun to rise, so has substance abuse. Legal opioids such as prescription painkillers as well as the illegal, much more addictive opioid, heroin seems to be the drug of choice for many individuals that suffer from drug misuse disorders. Fresno County has reported a higher number of opioid-related deaths than most other counties in California.

Our Closest Facility:

The Recovery Village Ridgefield Detox Center888 South Hillhurst Road Ridgefield WA 98642 (360) 857-6655

The Recovery Village Ridgefield does not operate in the state of California. Our closest facility is in Ridgefield, WA and can be seen in the map above.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

drug-related fatalities
in Fresno County in 2016

In 2016, there were 297 deaths reported in Fresno County related to drug misuse. As these numbers continue to climb, it is important for individuals faced with substance misuse disorders to get the help they need. After all, addiction is a medical condition, not a crime that deserves punishment.

Finding Help & Recovery in Clovis, CA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Clovis, California

Overcoming an addiction to drugs or alcohol can be a challenging journey. Drug and alcohol rehab facilities offer a variety of treatment options aimed at addressing the underlying causes of substance misuse. A staff of professionals who understand the various stages of addiction and the recovery process will guide you along your way. With encouragement and healthy alternatives, you can feel confident knowing that the time you are investing in your treatment will result in you gaining control over your life after treatment is complete.

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    Clovis Residential Treatment Programs

    Inpatient drug rehab programs provide an intensive level of care for individuals with a substance misuse disorder. These programs offer detoxing services, counseling, behavior modification and follow-up services to participants. When entering inpatient alcohol rehab, individuals must stay within the facility to ensure professionals are on hand to handle all their recovery needs. Thanks to both one-on-one and group therapy settings, participants enjoy a support system that encourages them along their journey to sobriety.

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    Clovis Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Partial hospitalization programs allow participants to lead a restricted independent life. Individuals don’t remain at these drug rehab centers in which they receive care. Using some of the same elements found within residential treatment programs, PHPs address the specific reasoning for the substance misuse within the individual’s life. Using exercise, meditation and positive daily living skill training, these drug treatment facilities direct participants to build useful tools for coping with triggers and stresses for their disorder.

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    Clovis Outpatient Treatment Programs

    Outpatient drug rehab programs work well for individuals that don’t require intense treatment for their substance addiction. These programs give individuals the ability to lead independent lifestyles, with the freedom to tend to work, education or family responsibilities. Through counseling sessions and group meetings, the individual receives useful resources and tools, such as behavior modification, to help build methods to combat the triggers of misuse. Follow-up care and support are available, as is sponsorship within the outpatient drug rehab centers.

Each type of rehab programs has its positive and negative points to consider. What works for one person may be detrimental for another. It is important for individuals to choose the program that will offer the greatest chance of success.

Clovis Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

When you are trying to eliminate substance misuse from your life, the first step is detoxification. Detoxing is a difficult process, as it affects both the mind and body. Drug detox centers allow you to have professional support throughout this process. Staffed with experts that understand the medical side of detoxification, a detox center will monitor your health throughout the process, ensuring that you are on your way to a safe recovery. Detoxing centers assess each participant’s situation and work to create a detoxing and treatment plan that delivers long-term results.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Clovis

When you or a loved one is trying to overcome an addiction to drugs or alcohol, it is important to have a support system for encouragement along the way. Recovery meetings located throughout Clovis and surrounding communities ensure this support system is always accessible and that recovery resources are within reach. Recovery meetings are open to anyone with a willingness and desire to rid his or her life of drug and alcohol misuse. Individuals can also take a proactive stand in helping others who face similar struggles.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) meetings deliver a judgment-free environment for individuals trying to overcome an addiction to alcohol. These meetings offer individuals a strong foundation for finding recovery resources, sharing their stories and modifying their behaviors. Alcoholics Anonymous meetings follow a 12-step program process where participants meet goals throughout their journey to sobriety. Attendees receive positive feedback, which encourages further success in the program.

  • Unity of Fresno
    315 W Shields Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93705
  • Tower Treatment Facility
    1459 N. Van Ness Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93728
  • St. Mary’s Episcopal Church
    6175 E. Kings Canyon Rd.
    Fresno, CA 93727

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

When you want to overcome drug or chemical dependency, attending Narcotics Anonymous (NA) meetings can provide you with beneficial resources. These meetings address the needs of individuals who have become dependent on drugs. Through attendance, participants will gain access to treatment program information, support systems and community assistance aimed at helping them lead a lifestyle free from drug and chemical misuse.

  • Alano Club
    1350 N. 11th St.
    Fresno, CA 93703
  • First Baptist Church
    1400 E. Saginaw Way
    Fresno, CA 93704
  • Grace Methodist Church
    3362 E. Balch Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93702

SMART Recovery Meetings

A lot of time and energy has gone into researching ways to combat substance addiction. SMART Recovery meetings put scientific-based findings to use to offer individuals help to overcome their addictions. These group meetings are led by experts trained in the specific structure of this self-managed treatment option. SMART Recovery meetings follow a strict four-step program for a supportive road to sobriety. Those in attendance are free to share their stories of struggle and triumph, or simply listen to the stories of others.

  • Kaiser Permanente Fresno Hospital
    7300 N. Fresno St.
    Fresno, CA 93720
  • Kaiser Permanente San Jose Hospital
    250 Hospital Pkwy.
    San Jose, CA 95119
  • Elevate Addiction Services Creekside
    9057 Soquel Dr. Building A Unit G
    Aptos, CA 95003

If you have a loved one or friend struggling with drug or alcohol addiction, attending Al-Anon or Nar-Anon meetings can be helpful. These non-profit group meetings offer counseling and training to help participants find positive ways to cope with the stresses that their loved one’s substance misuse presents. Attendees will learn new techniques to help them avoid enabling behaviors. Above all, though, these meetings provide a safe space to connect with others who are going through your same struggles.

  • Al-Anon
    Hope Lutheran Church
    364 E. Barstow Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93710
  • Nar-Anon
    Hope Lutheran Church
    364 E. Barstow Ave.
    Fresno, CA 93710

Local Communities Near Clovis, CA Served

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