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Lancaster is a city with a rich history in transportation. From its early days as an outpost along the Southern Pacific Railroad to more modern days of aviation travel, thanks to the nearby Edwards Air Force Base, people in Lancaster have long been on the move. The hustle and bustle has generated a local economic boom that’s sparked jobs in a variety of industries as more and more families move to this high desert community.

Unfortunately, Lancaster has not escaped from the nationwide opioid epidemic unscathed. With its proximity to Los Angeles and easy access by all methods of transportation, Lancaster has certain population segments that are vulnerable to substance abuse issues and trafficking. Drugs and alcohol wreak havoc in the lives of Lancaster families and schools, but this problem can be reversed.

A critical step in overcoming the challenges of a growing opioid epidemic and the problems caused by drug and alcohol misuse is acknowledging the reality of the disease and providing proper treatment for those affected. Treatment options are available, and should be regarded as seriously as those treatment choices for people suffering from diseases like cancer and diabetes. This guide will give you some answers about finding rehabilitation and recovery resources in the area, including Lancaster drug treatment facilities and Lancaster alcohol treatment facilities.

You’re not alone in this struggle.

California overdose deaths
in 2015

Any life lost to overdose is tragic. But when a state is seeing thousands of drug overdose deaths in a single year, it’s a cry for help. Resources like The Recovery Village are available to help Californians along recovery journeys and into lives of sobriety.

Finding Help & Recovery in Lancaster, CA

Alcohol & Drug Rehab Centers in Lancaster, California

As you come to terms with your own substance use disorder or that of a loved one, one of your first challenges is where to go to get help. Thankfully, there are many suitable treatment options for people struggling with drug and alcohol issues of all severity levels. Before you make any final decisions about treatment, take a hard look at the treatment options available and make an honest analysis of the substance misuse at hand.

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    Lancaster Residential Treatment Programs

    Intended for individuals with the most severe and long-term addictions, residential treatment program offer 24/7 care at a treatment facility that’s staffed with professionals who can handle patient needs around the clock. Residential treatment programs often last about 12 weeks and work to progressively shift patients from drug dependence to independent living through intensive therapy. Many residential treatment programs also offer important skill building and educational opportunities to help improve the likelihood of a successful transition out of rehab and back into daily life.

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    Lancaster Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Partial hospitalization programs offer many of the treatment options and even some of the educational opportunities of residential programs. However, these programs do so without requiring patients to stay onsite 24/7. These programs are intended for individuals who have serious substance use disorders to overcome but can still handle living on their own while going through treatment. Partial hospitalization programs can be particularly helpful for those with children and other family members who need their continued presence at home.

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    Lancaster Outpatient Treatment Programs

    When individuals complete more intense programs like residential treatment programs and need some continued care as they adjust to life at home, outpatient programs help to ease that transition. Outpatient programs can also be helpful for individuals who are struggling with mild substance misuse problems and need some guidance to break the habit. While participating in an outpatient program, patients live at home and travel to the treatment center for daily programs.

In addition to taking an honest look at the substance use disorder that you or your family member might be facing, you’ll also need to consider which levels of treatment your health insurance policy covers. Learn more about treatment options, including drug rehab in Lancaster, California or an alcohol rehab in Lancaster, California to find out what your best fit would be. To get a customized treatment plan, contact The Recovery Village for more information.

Lancaster Drug & Alcohol Detox Centers

Before you go through the main component of your rehabilitation program, you’ll need to detox from the substance(s) to which you’re dependent upon. While many facilities only accept patients after they’ve detoxed, some residential programs do offer detox as one of their services. Detoxing in a treatment facility helps you to manage symptoms and cope with the struggles of withdrawal and cravings. Some facilities will even allow you to begin some of the first steps of your rehabilitation program as you complete your detox so that you can stay on track with your treatment plan.

Recovery Meetings Near You in Lancaster

As you transition back into your everyday life after a Lancaster, California drug rehab or Lancaster, California alcohol rehab program, temptations may come when you least expect it. One of the best ways to get an edge on the everyday circumstances that threaten to undo your success is to join a recovery group that encourages accountability and continued sobriety. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and SMART Recovery give you the resources that you need to stay on track and ensure a better chance at continued sobriety. These meetings are a great option for aftercare for when you complete a rehab program.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous is a recovery program that’s intended for individuals who are trying to overcome addictions to alcohol. The only requirement to joining one of these groups is a desire to stop drinking. AA employs a 12-step program that gives you information about overcoming addiction, as well as actionable plans for making important steps to surrender and release from alcohol addiction. Below are some AA meetings in the Lancaster area.

  • Antelope Valley Alano Club
    104 E Ave., Ste. J
    Lancaster, CA 93535
  • Our Savior Lutheran Church
    1821 W Lancaster Blvd.
    Lancaster, CA 93534
  • First Christian Church of Antelope Valley
    1702 East Ave.
    Lancaster, CA 93535

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Similar to Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous uses a 12 step program to help members to break out of an addiction to drugs of any type. Even if you’re struggling with an alcohol and drug addiction at the same time, you can join both NA and AA for help. Not only does NA offer the education and information of its successful curriculum, but the program also encourages community involvement to push your level of engagement in the community where you live and work. Here are some NA meetings in Lancaster.

  • A Safe Haven
    44721 6th St. E
    Lancaster, CA 93535
  • Church of Christ
    1655 E Lancaster Blvd.
    Lancaster, CA 93535
  • United Methodist Church
    918 W Ave. J
    Lancaster, CA 93534

SMART Recovery Meetings

SMART Recovery is a newer recovery program and it utilizes a unique self-management program to help individuals to find the keys to recovery and sobriety within themselves. This program is intended for individuals who are struggling with addictions to alcohol, drugs, sex and anything else that might require accountability and intervention. While there aren’t any SMART Recovery meetings in Lancaster directly, you do have some options in nearby areas.

  • Phoenix House
    11600 Eldridge Ave.
    Los Angeles, CA 91342
  • Union Station High School
    412 S Raymond Ave.
    Pasadena, CA 91105
  • Clear Skies Ranch-Stagg House
    19825 Stagg St.
    Los Angeles, CA 91306

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon are intended for the family members of individuals who are going through AA and NA programs. These meeting groups provide community support to struggling family members who have been through the long emotional roller coaster of addiction and recovery. This includes having family members that attend a Lancaster drug rehab center or a Lancaster alcohol rehab center. Al-Anon and Nar-Anon provide a safe, judgment free place for parents, siblings, children and other family members of the addicted to share their feelings and struggles as their family members press on toward freedom from addiction and lives of sobriety.

  • Al-Anon
    Live Again Ministries
    45114 13th St. W
    Lancaster, CA 93534
  • Nar-Anon
    Antelope Valley Hospital
    1600 W Ave. J
    Lancaster, CA 93534

While there are plenty of Lancaster drug rehab and Lancaster alcohol rehab programs, those available in surrounding areas may provide benefit to individuals who are looking for a little more anonymity or customized treatment plans. With locations in California and throughout the country, The Recovery Village is another option to consider, as well.

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