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La Quinta, California is a resort town in Coachella Valley. This Riverside County town is a favorite destination among golfers and tourists. Many people spend the winter months in the warm climate of La Quinta.

Despite being a favorite among tourists and golfers, La Quinta cannot escape the consequences of drug and alcohol abuse. Some residents in La Quinta are struggling with substance misuse. Local, county and state officials are doing what they can to stop drugs from coming into the community. Recently, the Riverside County DEA Office seized about 770 pounds of heroin and 6,500 pounds of methamphetamine over a three-year period. Community leaders have established task forces to develop a plan to curb drug and alcohol use in La Quinta and Riverside County.

Addiction is an illness that anyone can fall victim to. It can be a loved one, a neighbor, or a friend. Just because someone is experiencing addiction, it doesn’t mean he is immoral or has poor judgment. Just like any illness, it can be treated. With the right course of action and professional help, recovery is possible. Don’t get down on yourself that you have fallen victim to this disease. Instead take the steps to free yourself from the shackles of addiction. There is help available. You simply need to be willing to take the first step to seek the help and support you need.

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You’re not alone in this struggle.

number of people (in millions)
misusing prescription drugs across the us

Prescription drug use is on the rise. More people use prescription drugs than cocaine, heroin, hallucinogens and inhalants combined. If you have an addiction and need help, there is support waiting for you.

Finding Help in La Quinta

La Quinta, California Alcohol Rehab Centers and Drug Centers

La Quinta is not alone in the struggle of substance misuse. This town, just like others across the country, is experiencing an increase in addicted community members. Many of these additions started innocently, as people were prescribed certain drugs following a surgery or injury. The patient then became dependent on the pain medications. Some of those patients have turned to heroin to ease their pain, leading to more unintended consequences. As prescription opiate and heroin are on the rise, the community is looking for ways to curb addiction and its negative side effects.

As deaths from opiate overdose also increase, the medical community is looking for new techniques to combat addiction. Rehabilitation facilities have the latest treatment methods available. Some try to overcome addiction alone. But medical experts recommend you seek out a treatment center. This will allow you to have support and be guided through tried, tested and proven methods. In a treatment center, you will be surrounded by others who are going through the same things you are. There are several drug and alcohol treatment facilities available.

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    Residential Treatment Programs

    Residential treatment programs require patients to stay at the facility for the duration of treatment. A multidisciplinary approach is used to help patients on the road to recovery. The first step to treatment at a facility is usually detoxification. Patients will then be asked to attend individual and group therapy sessions. The facility also encourages patients to participate in healthy activities such as sports, stress management and nutritional classes. These activities pull the focus away from using substances by giving patients a healthy alternative. Most facilities will offer a 12-step recovery program that will guide patients through recovery.

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    Partial Hospitalization Programs

    Patients who need more flexibility may find that a partial hospitalization program (PHP) works well. PHP offers some of the same options residential programs do. Patients do not spend the night at the facility, instead they return home each night. Even though patients do not spend the night, they still spend a large portion of the day in treatment.

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    Outpatient Treatment Programs

    These programs are more convenient, especially for those who cannot get away from work and family commitments during treatment. Patients will be treated with the same methods, but in a shorter timeframe. These programs also offer more privacy. Outpatient rehab include therapy and physical activities. Some patients will continue outpatient treatment after finishing an inpatient or partial hospitalization.

When considering a treatment option, it’s important to weigh the strengths and weaknesses of each facility. You need to be comfortable with your program choice in order to give it your full dedication and find a program that will lead to a successful recovery.

Detox Centers

Admitting that you have a problem with drugs or alcohol is the first step in recovery. Sobriety may seem like a long way off. With the right support and treatment, it is possible. It’s important to begin your journey by detoxing. Detoxification will cleanse your body of the substances you are addicted to. You can’t begin to have freedom from the substances if they are still in your body.

Detoxification is not an easy process, but a professional can help you get through the process. A professional will know exactly what to do and can give you the support and encouragement to detox successfully.

Recovery Meetings Near You

Have faith in yourself that you will overcome addiction. You don’t have to take the journey alone when you return home from a drug rehab. There are after care groups that can support you along the way. Groups like Alcoholics Anonymous and SMART Recovery provide meetings where you are always welcome.

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) Meetings

Alcoholics Anonymous (AA) has been helping people achieve recovery from alcohol misuse for decades. AA uses group discussions to help members along their path. These discussions give members support and make them realize they are not alone in this journey. AA helps members recognize the behaviors that lead to addiction and teaches them techniques to continue their sobriety. AA uses a 12-step approach to recovery. There are AA meetings in and around La Quinta.

  • La Quinta Community Park
    77865 Ave.
    La Quinta, CA 92253
  • Old Town Coffee Shop
    78-100 Main St. #102
    La Quinta, CA 92253

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meetings

Several years after Alcoholics Anonymous was founded, it was apparent that those suffering with drug addiction needed a program like AA. So, in 1953, Narcotics Anonymous formed. Like AA, NA helps members along their path with a 12-step program. The steps will help them understand what triggers their behavior and how to make choices that keep them sober. There are NA meetings in and around La Quinta.

  • The ABC Club
    44374 Palm St.
    Indio, CA 92201
  • Darryl’s House
    44320 Palm St.
    Indio, CA 92201
  • Alano Club
    463 Dominguez Rd.
    Palm Springs, CA 92262

SMART Recovery Meetings

A newer program that many have found success in is SMART. SMART stands for Self-Management and Recovery Training. SMART is a non-profit, international group. The approach is based on scientific methods. To begin in SMART, you first need to contact a facilitator to make sure you are joining the group that is right for you.

  • Cielo Sober Living
    19375 Prospect St.
    Desert Hot Springs, CA 92241
  • Mind and Body Treatment and Research Institute
    5700 Division St.
    Riverside, CA 92506
  • Inland Psychiatric Medical Group
    1819 West Redlands Blvd.
    Redlands, CA 92373

Al-Anon and Nar-Anon Meetings

Addiction has consequences beyond the individual struggling with sobriety. The family also suffers. Loved ones also have emotional wounds. It can be hard to watch a loved one struggle with addiction. It can also be hard to watch the recovery process after they return home from a rehab center. Families can often feel confused or hurt in the situation. Like the addicted individual, the family needs support, too. They need to know they are not alone in this journey. These meetings can help them meet others who going through the same thing. These meetings will also give the family a better understanding of addiction and recovery process. There are meetings for family members, even kids, in La Quinta and the surrounding area.

  • Al-Anon
    Al-Anon Information and Literature Distribution Center
    73-441 Fred Waring Dr.
    Palm Desert, CA 92260
  • Nar-Anon
    Lakewood Presbyterian Church
    5225 Hayter Ave.
    Lakewood, CA 90712

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