Addiction recovery in the modern age can be aided by addiction recovery apps. Because most people always have their phones, recovery apps are a great way to stay connected to supportive messages, reminders and tools. Some of the tools you may find helpful in recovery apps include:

  • Messages
  • Reminders
  • Meditations
  • Tracking features
  • Clocks
  • Goal setting aids
  • Coaching exercises
  • Checklists

Support in early recovery can be provided by the many features in the top five free apps that help with addiction recovery, including WEconnect, SoberTool, Nomo, I Am Sober and rTribe.


The WEconnect recovery app is a relapse prevention and recovery support tool. Whether you are pursuing addiction recovery or are in a relationship with someone in recovery, WEconnect can provide a digital community and support tools to help you. This app separates services by users, basing its offering on whether you or a family member is in recovery.

WEconnect helps users:

  • Schedule routines
  • Stay accountable to their goals
  • Earn rewards

WEconnect uses positive reinforcement and research-backed methods for addiction recovery support. Regular challenges and other playful elements are used to reinforce positive messages and behaviors. Counselors and providers can also use the app to manage patient progress, which can provide synergy, real-time communication and support.


SoberTool is an app that allows you to customize your daily experience based on how you feel. You can select a variety of feelings or thoughts, such as whether you are craving, need motivation or are having difficulty making decisions. Developed by a Harvard-educated counselor, this recovery app provides free help with on-demand messages that support sobriety. Other Sober tool app features include:

  • Sobriety tracker
  • Sobriety milestones
  • Congratulations and rewards
  • Automatic messages

SoberTool is also available as a private communication method for providers in treatment centers, counselors and sponsors. SoberTool aims to help people in recovery find long-term success with the right mindset.


The Nomo app is a clever way to help people in recovery say “No more!” to addiction habits. Created by a man who had substance abuse issues, Nomo is simply a sobriety clock with a few additional features to support addiction recovery.

The Nomo sobriety clock provides messaging for relapse triggers in addition to a clock that offers meaningful stats related to:

  • Customized milestones
  • Streaks for daily progress
  • Max streaks
  • Money saved
  • Number of times the clock has been reset

Multiple clocks can be created to track the progress of different goals, such as cigarette use, alcohol use, porn use and behaviors related to other addictions. Clocks can be shared with friends or family. Refocusing, meditation, journal and messaging features are also available.

I Am Sober

The I Am Sober app provides recovery resources with daily motivations. The manual interactions include

  • Tracking daily activity to record how each day went in regards to addiction habits or triggers
  • Withdrawal time clock and tracking to identify vulnerable times of day
  • Sobriety calculator that estimates the money saved from not using drugs or alcohol

Milestones can be set and tracked in relation to time, which is broken down visually into hours, minutes and seconds. A track of milestones achieved is delivered graphically on the home screen. Daily encouragement phrases and messages are generated automatically. 

Sharing features can allow users to save photos or other media to specific days or in personal journal entries. These can provide a source of long-term encouragement in sobriety.


The rTribe app provides digital coaching and counseling for people on their journey to recovery. An online community supports people through addiction relapse triggers. Patented processes, such as “getting TribeMatched,” pair professionals and people in recovery for communication, accountability and encouragement. rTribe’s goal is to reach people who feel isolated in addiction. Some of the important aspects of this app are:

  • Chat and video call features
  • Guaranteed daily responses
  • Licensed counseling
  • Professional coaches
  • Online, on-demand help
  • Security and HIPAA compliance

The free version of this app offers supportive and encouraging messages for addiction recovery. Counseling and coaching are paid options.

Apps can be a valuable source of addiction recovery support, but long-term recovery often requires more intensive treatment. If you or a loved one is active addiction and is ready to seek help, reach out to The Recovery Village today. Representatives are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to answer your questions and enroll you in treatment.

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