It is pretty simple to come up with a long list of “reasons” why you cannot, will not, or should not go to rehab. Few people truly want to go to rehab. Anything involving change can be scary, and the thought of giving up a substance to which you have become attached in more ways than one is downright terrifying.

If you have tossed around the idea of seeking addiction recovery, you know that help is available. There is also a good chance that a loved one has done some research and let you know that it is time to get help. Whether you have the willingness or not at this moment, it might be time to consider giving rehab a try. Here is some food for thought about hitting bottom and one sure way to find motivation in addiction recovery.

The Misconception About “Hitting Bottom”

Too many people are under the impression that they have to yell “uncle” or raise a white flag of surrender before they seek help for their addiction. While “hitting bottom” is a must, you may not truly realize where your “bottom” actually is. In fact, drugs and alcohol tend to muddy the perceptive waters so much that it can take some time before the fog clears enough to see the forest for the trees. No one is asking that you define your bottom before heading to rehab. Agreeing to seek addiction recovery help is enough as a start.

How Motivation Can Follow Action

Speaking of starts, it can be a challenge to find the motivation for recovery while you are still struggling with addiction. If you are waiting around for inspiration to hit, the wait could be indefinite, or you be one of the many people that lose their battle with addiction by paying the ultimate price.

Believe it or not, one of the best ways to find motivation is to take action first. To illustrate, when you take action of value, such as going to the gym or eating right, you not only feel better about yourself but become motivated to take more of that action in the future. The same principle holds true with addiction recovery. Once you put one foot in front of the other and take some action, the motivation will follow.

Decide to Make a Change

There is no such thing as being a successful drug addict. Drugs and alcohol rob you of your relationships, self-worth, health, and freedom. Even if you lack the motivation to make a change, consider all of the things that drugs and alcohol have removed from your life. On the flip side, life in addiction recovery can provide you with honest relationships, better health, positive self-esteem, and peace of mind.

The only action that you need to take today is agreeing to try something different by participating in an addiction recovery program. The Recovery Village offers personalized drug and alcohol addiction treatment that begins with medical detox and transitions to a comprehensive rehab program. Contact one of our addiction specialists now to learn about admissions.