Leaving alcohol behind and staying sober is awesome in innumerable ways. You’re back in the driver’s seat of your day-to-day life, your mental state is crystal clear and your body (read: liver) is happier and healthier than ever. Not to mention you probably don’t lose your wallet, keys or temper near as often. You’re living your best life in sobriety. But abstaining from alcohol doesn’t mean you have to give up the margarita mix. In fact, there’s a mocktail for every poolside soiree, date night and yes, any time of day, too (hello, mockmosa!).

In celebration of sober summers, and in honor of National Mocktail Day*, we picked our top five mocktail recipes that are so good you won’t even miss the liquor. So bye bye, boozy! These non-alcoholic sips are perfectly bourgeois — and 100 percent delicious. 

1. The Mockmosa

This is definitely one of the juiciest ways to start the day. But really, it’s great at brunch and beyond. To make the Mockmosa, you’ll need your favorite orange juice, some sparkling white grape juice and a champagne flute. And feel free to garnish with a mint sprig if you fancy some flair.  

2. The Virgin (Strawberry) Margarita

This one’s so good, it’s almost sinful. Strawberries,  a staple of summertime, steal the show in this virgin margarita. And what better way to enjoy the season’s best berries than in a super simple, totally delicious mock cocktail? Combining just a few fresh ingredients and a little bit of something sparkling, this recipe from SoberJulie proves you don’t need tequila to make an indulgent margarita.  

3. Sober Sangria

Perfect in a pitcher for poolside parties, this sangria doesn’t need red or white wine to make it any more decadent. This is one drink that already has it all: rich ruby coloring (cheers to cranberry juice), floating fruit slices and plenty of refreshing flavors intermingling together. This sober sangria involves juice, fresh lemons and limes and mineral water (or soda, your choice). Pro tip: Opt for blood oranges in place of navel oranges for extra pops of color.  

4. Cuddles on the Beach

If we’re being honest, sex on the beach just isn’t the best. Treat your date to something a little more satisfying, like one snuggle-inducing mock cocktail. Mix it up with a few different fruity ingredients (and three variations), and this blush-hued mocktail is sure to please — no schnapps necessary. Cuddles, anyone?

5. Mock-Scow Mule

Calling all ginger beer lovers! Just because you’re sober doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a marvelously trendy Moscow Mule (sans vodka). Get your vintage copper mugs ready — this crisp, bubbly Mock-Scow Mule only has three ingredients and comes together in no time. Pro tip: Chill your copper mugs beforehand if you prefer an even icier mule.  

Whether you’re at a backyard bash, summer soiree or looking to try a new sober cocktail for entertaining house guests, you don’t have to use alcohol to make bona-fide delicious drinks. And staying away from alcohol doesn’t have to mean drinking all water, all the time. Mix it up this summer with any one of these sweet mock cocktails. After all, any length of sobriety is cause for celebration, and trying a new mocktail just might mark the occasion. Whether you sip a sober sangria, a juicy mockmosa, virgin margarita, or creamy butterbeer, or you prefer cuddles on the beach, you just might find a new favorite drink with one of these recipes. Cheers!

As strong as you may be in sobriety, relapses can happen. Learn the difference between a slip and a full relapse here, and if you need to speak with one of our addiction specialists, we’re here for you too. Recovery from alcohol addiction is an ongoing journey — we’ll be with you every step of the way. Call The Recovery Village® to talk to someone who’s been in your shoes and can help you find healing.

*National Mocktail Day is another nondescript, possibly faux holiday invented by the internet. Or maybe invented by a bunch of awesome people celebrating milestones in sobriety. We can’t say for sure. But no matter who dreamed of a day for mocktails, we hope the holiday catches on. Because any excuse to savor a homemade mock cocktail is a good one, right? Enjoy!

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By – Camille Renzoni
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