Multidisciplinary approach

At The Recovery Village, we have treatment programs for female and male adults with substance abuse and/or eating disorders. It takes a “village” of highly experienced professional staff that works with each client individually.

The Recovery Village team begins with comprehensive assessments, supports evidence-based interventions, and provides comprehensive discharge planning, with the goal of lasting recovery, one step at a time.

A group of doctors and nurses working together in a multidisciplinary effort.

Our multidisciplinary team approach is key to our foundations of care. Working with clients with substance abuse/dependence, eating disorders, or both requires a complete team. Assessment of a client can begin with a phone call to The Recovery Village. Our highly trained staff will conduct an extensive pre-admission interview with patients, families and referral sources, to identify the unique challenges each client may have. This information will be part of the overall assessment done when a client admits to The Recovery Village.

At admission, patients have a comprehensive evaluation, starting with a thorough medical, nutritional and clinical assessment. This will include physical, psychiatric and psychological assessments, laboratory data, EKG and vitals. We often work with clients who have co-occurring psychiatric and medical conditions that include depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, trauma, substance abuse, anorexia and bulimia. Medically, common disorders include hypertension, liver disorders, diabetes, gastrointestinal issues, and other comorbid diseases.

The multidisciplinary team meets daily to discuss clients’ individual needs. This team will often include nursing staff, medical staff, therapy staff, and nutrition staff. Clients’ treatment plans are discussed and updated, and discharge planning at each level of treatment is discussed. This daily multidisciplinary team meeting is crucial to our clients’ success in treatment and recovery.

Foundationally, The Recovery Village program is based on a multidisciplinary program that our skilled clinicians, from nursing staff to therapists, fully support. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), Motivational Interviewing (MI), Exposure Response Prevention therapies (ERP), and other evidence-based clinical interventions are used, in addition to experiential therapies, including equine and yoga therapy.

Detox services at The Recovery Village

All clients are assessed at admission for detoxification needs. Stopping some medications that have addiction potential can be life threatening, if done too quickly. The nursing staff is constantly monitoring clients for withdrawal symptoms, making safety a priority.

Nutrition services at The Recovery Village

Nutrition is key to recovery for all patients. Generally, all patients who come into The Recovery Village are malnourished. For an eating disorder client, their thoughts and behaviors around food are distorted and negative, and end up leading to severe medical compromise. Simply put—at The Recovery Village, “FOOD IS MEDICINE.” Because nutrition is so important, we have dietitians with many years of experience working with patients with substance abuse and eating disorders. Meals are monitored, so clients receive the nutritional and emotional support they need. Communication among disciplines about meals is a continuous process. The dietitian’s nutrition assessment, including body composition to determine the nutritional needs, is foundational for all clients. We have a chef who oversees and prepares meals at The Recovery Village for our clients.

Multidisciplinary Approach
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