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At TheRecoveryVillage, we specialize in developing mental health through holistic practices and teaching you how to love and respect those in your life.

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Healthy recovery begins with medication, monitoring, management and encouraging interactions through community.

On-Site Recovery

Outdoor Treatment

Our center is developed to inspire peace, whether its through a relaxing swim, walk through the gardens or organic cuisine.

Mental Wellbeing

1 on 1 discussion, group therapy, family therapy that includes important family members in every phase of recovery.

Physical Health

Recreational therapies include yoga, exercise, working with a personal trainer, hikes and more.

Your loved ones will enjoy access to nursing and monitoring assistance 24 hours a day as they navigate the first weeks in recovery. We have specialists for those with ongoing, acute or chronic medical issues.

24 Hour Care

Attentive Doctors

Our treatment team includes psychiatrists, psychologists, therapists, medical professionals, and more who are all experts in their fields and specialists in substance abuse treatment

Healing Environment

Healing begins with caring for your health. Your loved one will be able to take advantage of our swimming pool, enjoy our gardens, spend time in our green areas and meet new friends in a healthy habitat.

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 Speak with an addiction counselor today

  • A comprehensive assessment to jumpstart the program, ensuring that all potential obstacles to recovery are identified
  • A specialized treatment plan based on assessment results
  • A personal therapy session once or more every week
  • Regular opportunities to check in with the therapeutic team to address any concerns
  • Daily group meetings that focus on different topics relevant to the experience of living life in sobriety (e.g., family dynamics, sexuality and relationships, life skills, job skills, etc.)
  • Aftercare and discharge planning to prepare for life after alcohol addiction treatment

Addiction Treatment Begins With Community

Addiction Treatment Begins Here

One of our treatment specialists is standing by 24 hours a day to start your loved one on our admissions process and help them begin addiction treatment that will change their life for the better. 

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