Is it Safe to Take Fioricet While Pregnant?

When you’re pregnant, everything you take and put in your body has the potential to impact your child. It’s not just pregnancy that’s a concern, however. It’s also when you’re nursing because many substances can pass through your breast milk and on to your baby.

Fioricet is a prescription medicine that’s often given to people to treat tension headaches, and in some cases, it may also be prescribed for migraines.

Is it safe to take Fioricet while pregnant? What are the potential side effects not only of Fioricet during pregnancy, but also while nursing?

The following gives an overview of what Fioricet is, what ingredients it includes and whether or not it’s safe during pregnancy and nursing.

Is it Safe to Take Fioricet While Pregnant?
Fioricet is a prescription medicine that includes butalbital, acetaminophen, and caffeine. Butalbital is a barbiturate, and this medicine can not only provide pain relief from headaches, but it can also lead to anxiety-reduction and relaxation. Some people find that they experience what’s called a Fioricet high when they take it, because of the butalbital component.

There is a potential for abuse and addiction with Fioricet which is why people are warned to take it only as instructed by their doctor.

This medicine relaxes muscle contractions that can cause headaches ranging in severity from mild to moderate.

There are potential side effects and warnings that come with the use of Fioricet. These warnings include:

  • As mentioned there are some people who say they experience a Fioricet high when they use this drug. It can cause relaxation and even at high doses euphoria, so when people take it they should be aware of the potential risk of abuse and addiction.
  • It’s possible for tolerance and physical dependence to develop with Fioricet as well. With tolerance, your body becomes used to the presence of a substance, which in this case is Fioricet. When that happens, you have to take higher doses to get the same effect. You can also become physically dependent on Fioricet, so if you were to stop taking it suddenly or significantly reduce your dosage, you would likely experience uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms.
  • Fioricet contains acetaminophen, which is safe at low levels, but when you take large amounts or mix it with alcohol, it can contribute to liver damage or acute liver failure.

These are just some of the general warnings that come with the use of Fioricet, but what about Fioricet during pregnancy?

There are different categories that are defined as to substances that are safe or potentially unsafe during pregnancy. These categories include the following:

  • Category A drugs are considered safe during pregnancy, and this group of drugs has no currently known adverse reactions or outcomes.
  • Category B drugs haven’t been shown to have adverse effects in humans.
  • Category C drugs could be safe or unsafe, but there hasn’t yet been enough research to make this determination.
  • Category D drugs have been shown to cause some adverse reactions in humans.
  • Pregnant women should never use category X drugs.

So where does Fioricet during pregnancy fall on this scale? Currently, it’s a Category C drug. This means that it’s a very murky situation with a lot of unknowns. Category C drugs don’t have enough research done about them for a doctor to say they’re safe, but they’re not necessarily proven unsafe for your unborn child either.

This means that ultimately you will have to speak with your doctor about the use of Fioricet while pregnant, but you should be very cautious about the potential of using it.

There’s something else to consider here, and that’s the fact that some formulations of Fioricet also contain codeine, which is a narcotic opioid. This may be even riskier for pregnant women to use because it can cause withdrawal symptoms in newborns.

If a doctor were going to prescribe Fioricet while pregnant, they would look at the benefits it would bring to the mother versus the potential risks to the unborn baby. What would likely happen is that the doctor would try to find another treatment for the mother’s headaches that could be more definitively determined to be safe.

What about nursing mothers? All of the components that are in Fioricet can be passed on in small amounts through breast milk, but whether or not that could have adverse effects is not known.

It’s important for mothers to always have in-depth conversations with their healthcare provider before taking Fioricet during pregnancy or any new medication.

Is it Safe to Take Fioricet While Pregnant?
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