Substance abuse in the workplace

Abuse of drugs and alcohol in the workplace is a serious matter that costs businesses millions of dollars each year.


Areas with the highest drug and alcohol abuse in the workplace include the Arts and Entertainment Industry, Healthcare, Management, Food Service Industry, and Real Estate.


Preventing substance abuse in the workplace requires education and training.


The Drug Free America Foundation offers several drug-free workplace courses. Training includes classes for supervisors to help identify the signs and symptoms of drug and alcohol abuse, tips for how to deal with substance abuse in the workplace, and how employees should deal with drug use at work. Other classes focus on working parents and how they can communicate with their children to keep their kids drug free.


Classes are offered in an easy to use format.

  • Accessible by computer
  • Flexibility – 24/7 availability
  • Self-paced coursework
  • Test
  • Certificate of completion
  • PDF of information sheet


Employers with more than 50 employees may coordinate with to coordinate your training registrations.

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