The US Surgeon General’s office has released a statement that addresses our nation’s continuing struggle with addiction and the opioid crisis. Surgeon General VADM Jerome M. Adams, M.D., believes that the country should seek out more opportunities to not only prevent drug abuse and overdose deaths but also to use its public resources, including addiction treatment programs, to address these issues. In addition to being Surgeon General, Adams also has some personal experience with drug addiction.

The New Surgeon General’s Close-Up Experience With Addiction

Jerome M. Adams was confirmed as this country’s 20th Surgeon General on August 3, 2017. Adams is a board-certified anesthesiologist who graduated from the Indiana University School of Medicine and went on to earn a Master’s degree in Public Health from the University of California, Berkeley.

Adams grew up in the southern Maryland town of Mechanicsville with three siblings, including a younger brother named Phillip. Five years his junior, Phillip has struggled with drug addiction for several decades, possibly due to an untreated mental health issue. Phillip has been in and out of jail and currently sits in a Maryland prison where he has been begging for substance abuse treatment. So far, his pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

Focusing on Addiction Treatment as the National Drug Crisis Continues

Before becoming the US Surgeon General, Adams served as the Indiana State Health Commissioner since 2014, a position that he was appointed to by Vice President Mike Pence. While serving in his role, Adams was called upon to address the alarming spread of HIV cases in certain areas, which he did by recommending a needle exchange program. Despite some initial misgivings, Pence agreed, and new cases slowed to a trickle.

Adams used that same trust to influence new legislation in Indiana to help fight the state’s opioid epidemic. In 2015, Adams’ testimony helped push through a new law to increase access to naloxone, the life-saving medication that can reverse an overdose. Indiana has also passed legislation to restrict access to pain medication. One of the things that Adams has learned through his work and the experiences with his brother is that people with addiction issues need treatment as opposed to punishment from the law enforcement community.

Among the programs that Adams is spearheading through the Office of the Surgeon General in partnership with other agencies include supporting grants to cities and communities that are battling prescription drug and opioid addiction. These are used for both education and addiction treatment programs.

Addiction treatment

An addiction treatment program can help break the cycle of unhealthy and harmful behavior.

Overcome a Substance Abuse Problem Through Addiction Treatment 

The opioid addiction battle is ongoing in our nation’s communities, and the new Surgeon General’s support is vital. Those who are currently struggling with substance abuse issues need immediate answers, as do their loved ones. Fortunately, there is effective and compassionate addiction treatment available that can allow an addict to break free from the chains of addiction and find a new way to live. Contact The Recovery Village now to learn about admissions from one of our addiction specialists.

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