Drinking on college campuses has become so common that it is now expected by many, but many universities are trying new methods to curb drinking among students this year.

Coastal California University recently banned the distribution of a newspaper on campus because of its alcohol-related content. The publication, called “The Weekly Surge,” is not acceptable to school officials who are working toward a more sober college experience for students.

“I found that most of the articles dealt with conversations about alcohol or drinking and almost all the advertisements were advertisements related to establishments that are serving alcohol,” said Debbie Conner, the Vice President of Student Affairs at CCU.

Dartmouth College has taken steps to reduce the number of students binge drinking. Using methods such as confidential talks with at-risk students, stricter enforcement of alcohol regulations and student-led prevention campaigns have been successful in the past two years and will be used again.

Washington State University has established a task force made up of students, faculty and adults from the community to reduce underage and binge drinking among students. Freshmen will take part in an orientation program that will educate about the dangers of binge drinking and recognizing the warning signs of alcohol poisoning.

However college administrators decide to curb dangerous and underage drinking on campus, it is important that more schools address this issue. By trying different methods to manage college partying, the hope is that schools will find and implement methods that work to prevent alcohol abuse.