Mixing Alcohol and Dramamine

There are many medications, available both by prescription and over the counter, that can interact with other substances. Some of the side effects of taking medicines combined with other substances, such as alcohol, can be severe or even potentially deadly.

So what about alcohol and Dramamine? Can you mix alcohol and Dramamine?

The following information offers an overview of this over-the-counter medicine and explores what you should know about alcohol and Dramamine.

Alcohol and Dramamine | Can You Mix Alcohol and Dramamine?
Before considering the possible interaction of alcohol and Dramamine, it’s important to establish that Dramamine is the brand name for the drug dimenhydrinate. This medication is taken to alleviate symptoms of motion sickness such as nausea, vomiting and dizziness. In some cases, it’s also used to treat inner ear conditions that cause these symptoms.

For some, Dramamine can have a sedative effect. Because of this, it’s important that you don’t operate machinery or drive while taking Dramamine, especially if you’re unsure how you’ll react to it. Fortunately, there are non-drowsy versions of this medication available.

Some of the most common side effects associated with Dramamine are dry mouth or throat, dizziness, and thickening of the mucus in the throat and nose. Severe but rare side effects include problems urinating, chest pain and convulsions. At high doses, Dramamine can cause hallucinations

Breathing problems, hives, swelling of the mouth, lips or tongue and a feeling of tightness in the chest may be signs of an allergic reaction to Dramamine. If you or someone you know experiences these signs, stop taking the drug immediately and contact your physician.

The answer to the question “can you mix alcohol and Dramamine?” and more information about possible interactions of alcohol and Dramamine will be discussed below. First, it’s important to take note of certain medications that should never be mixed with Dramamine.

Some of these medications include:

  • Narcotic pain relievers
  • Certain antibiotics, like Garamycin
  • Antispasmodic medications
  • Medicines for Parkinson’s disease
  • Muscle relaxers
  • Diazepam
  • Zolpidem

So, what should you know about combining alcohol and Dramamine?

Can you mix alcohol and Dramamine? You shouldn’t for a variety of reasons.

When you combine alcohol and Dramamine, you amplify the side effects of both. For example, because both of these substances depress the central nervous system, combining alcohol and Dramamine can lead to extreme drowsiness. This can be dangerous, especially if you’re in an unfamiliar situation, or you need to drive or operate machinery. Combining these substances can also increase the risk of falls, particularly in older people.

It’s possible to overdose on Dramamine on its own. Combining this medication with alcohol only increases this risk. Signs of an overdose include extreme sleepiness, confusion, unsteadiness, large pupils and flushing of the face, as well as hallucinations and problems understanding reality. If you or someone you know experiences any of these signs, contact a physician or emergency health care provider as soon as possible.

If you use alcohol and non-drowsy Dramamine, some of these symptoms may be reduced. But because you can never be sure how you’ll react to a mixture of Dramamine and alcohol, you should err on the side of caution and never combine the two.

To sum up, can you mix alcohol and Dramamine? You’re advised not to. If you have any additional questions, you should speak with your physician.

Some people believe that combining alcohol and Dramamine can “cure” hangovers. But this practice is dangerous to the liver and the rest of the body. Consuming alcohol excessively, even in the face of consequences like severe hangovers, may indicate that you have a drinking problem. There’s a reason that Dramamine’s packaging includes warnings about taking it if you have alcohol dependence or liver disease. If you suspect that you or someone you love is struggling with alcohol dependence or addiction, a treatment center like The Recovery Village can help.

In general, can you mix alcohol and Dramamine? No. The risk of developing severe side effects is high, as is the possibility of putting yourself in a dangerous situation.

Mixing Alcohol and Dramamine
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