Men who are new to yoga have often fled for years from the practice, worried that they either wouldn’t be able to manage the body contortions it seems to demand, or that it was more commonly something done by women. Let’s correct both of those misconceptions right off the bat: first of all, yoga is a dynamic pursuit that can be adjusted to the initial physical health of almost anyone, and second, it was originally developed by the male of the species. Now that we have those misconceptions out of the way, let’s introduce the top five yoga poses for men who are trying it for the first time.

Benefits Behind the Five Top Yoga Poses for Men

Five overall benefits of yoga poses for men can be viewed as the five S’s:

  • Stretching
  • Strengthening
  • Standing Straighter
  • Stamina
  • Stress-busting

The Yoga Poses

Research has fully documented the effects of yoga on reducing stress and anxiety. This is particularly helpful for those in addiction recovery. Many evidence-based addiction treatment centers include yoga in customized treatment plans because of the diverse health benefits it provides. The popular beginner yoga poses for men listed below include a short YouTube video with a demonstration on how the pose is correctly performed.

Seated Twist [stretch]-gentle spine stretches are considered a critical ongoing set of poses for men when they are beginning yoga, and as they move into the intermediate and advanced levels of yoga practice. Maintaining both strength and flexibility of the spine allows free and natural movements of the body.

Bridge Pose [strengthening]-To complement the increased strength and flexibility that results in the seated twist yoga pose, the bridge pose creates a strong core. Muscles in the back and abdomen are improved in this beginner pose.

Sphinx Pose [posture]-this pose is an excellent beginning yoga pose for men. It doesn’t rely on extreme flexibility, but with regular practice it improves posture.

Downward Facing Dog [stamina]-this beginner posture is an excellent way to strengthen the arms and legs, and slowly increase stamina.

Legs-Up-the-Wall [restorative/relaxation]-this pose, as with most yoga poses, is descriptive by name. The position of this pose lowers the blood pressure, and provides a sense of relaxation. Its calming effects help with anxiety and general feelings of fatigue.

Achieving the five S’s is possible through regular yoga practice. In addition, these yoga poses stimulate an improved sense of wellbeing. Feeling better and looking healthier are important parts of the recovery process.

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Medical Disclaimer

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