One of the best things that came from me getting sober is that it helped me to get back in tune with myself. When I was drinking and using cocaine and other drugs, I had no real sense of self. I was constantly chasing the buzz or the high, which kept me from having any sort of relationship with who I was as a person, at my core.

Addiction was a series of chain reactions for me. What I mean by that is that once I started drinking a lot, I started going out to all the parties. Once I started getting into the party scene, I started meeting all the people.

Once I met all the people, they started introducing me to other things such as ecstasy and cocaine. Once I started using cocaine and party drugs, I got sucked into the party lifestyle very quickly.

ecstasy pills

From there, the alcohol and drugs started giving me anxiety and panic attacks. This coupled with low self-esteem and low self-worth just made me want to use, numb and escape even more. Until one day in 2008 when I had finally had enough of this vicious domino effect.

There was a small, still and constant voice that I began to hear through it all that kept telling me there had to be another way; something better. On August 17th, 2008 I finally listened to it as I prayed to God for a miracle. I never drank or used cocaine from that day forward.

As you can imagine, much like my addictions, my sobriety created it’s own series of chain reactions. However, this time they led me down a very positive and empowering path.

Once I got sober, I started going to church a lot. I started reading the Bible and self-help books. I was getting better sleep and started to feel better about myself because I was building my confidence back up one day at a time as I started to make better choices for myself.

I started working out and being conscious of how I treated my body. I started doing yoga here and there. I could feel myself changing for the better and my friends started to notice the difference in my demeanor and even my appearance.

From there, I eventually took a writing class and found hobbies I liked to fill my newfound spare time with.  I took a liking to writing because it was an outlet and way for me to process everything I was learning about myself through my sobriety.

So, I started a blog called Miracles Are Brewing, using my marketing knowledge, background and skills. I showed my work to a few people and I was met with an immediate, positive response that my words could really help others who might be struggling with addiction or substance use issues.

I finally mustered up the courage to share the blog publicly on my Facebook profile. It was met again with an overwhelmingly encouraging response. I created a page on Facebook for the blog and just started sharing inspirational quotes that were helping me through the day.

The next thing I knew, this passion project/hobby of mine, grew arms and legs. People started reaching out to me for advice about how to quit drinking. So, I started offering advice based on what I knew and what worked for me.

The inquiries for this coaching style of a relationship were an indication to me that this is something people really needed help with. It was clear to me that the next step was to get proper training. I went on to get certified as a Life Coach with a Christian based university and from there went on to specialize in Sobriety Coaching.

As I took on more clients, I realized a tie between anxiety and addiction, much like my own story. I then received training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy from the Beck Institute, which is a huge tool to help people work through their anxiety, depression and obsessive compulsive behaviors and thoughts.

All the while, I was ramping up my yoga practice and was finding that yoga was such a necessary part of my recovery that I also wanted to share with others. I went on to train at the Baptiste Institute and received my 200 RYT with them. Now I’m teaching yoga and working on workshops that incorporate yoga and recovery practices.

As you can see, sobriety had a domino effect on my life in a totally different way. Through my recovery, I have been led to my calling – to help others find their own paths. I now teach yoga, write and coach people for a living.

If I would not have said YES to that voice telling me to choose something else and to become willing to do things differently, there is no doubt in my mind that I would have never found my purpose.

I feel very fortunate to be able to wake up each day without ever feeling a hangover again. I get to work on things I love, that make me feel alive. I’m inspired all the time to create and to listen to my intuition.

My next big project is creating alcohol free events to show people how to truly get high on their own supply. Om Vibes Only curates events that integrate yoga, electronic music, juices, dancing and conscious conversation.

This new endeavor and mission came from that same willingness to get sober. Now, it’s willingness, and what often feels like an obligation or a call, to show other people that it can be done.

You can live without substances. You can find your purpose. You can change your life.

Chain reactions happen all the time. They can be a series of unfortunate events OR a series of tiny miracles. You do have the choice in what direction they go and I’m routing for you to choose miracles.