With virtual services such as online AA and NA meetings, teletherapy, phone apps and chat rooms, you can stay connected and recover from addiction at home.

With a global pandemic making it difficult to connect with others or attend appointments with doctors or counselors, it can be a turbulent time to be in addiction recovery. Experts have also warned that the isolation and stress associated with COVID-19 can place people with addictions at risk of relapse, overdose or increased substance use.

Even after the pandemic has passed, some people may have difficulty attending in-person addiction rehab due to work schedules, finances, family obligations or trouble locating rehab centers close to home. Fortunately, it is possible to stay on track with online meetings and addiction rehab. There are ways to locate helpful online resources and stay connected with others in recovery.

What Options Are Available for Recovery at Home?

If you have found yourself isolating at home due to COVID-19 or other situations, you may take comfort in knowing there are several options for recovering at home. These resources include:

  • Online AA/NA Meetings: AA holds support group meetings for people struggling with alcohol addiction, helping them to work through the steps necessary to lead a life that is free from alcohol abuse. NA holds support group meetings to help people stay sober from drugs. Both AA and NA offer online meetings so you can continue to receive support from home.
  • Other Online Support Groups: While AA and NA are probably the most popular addiction support groups, there are many other groups available. For example, LifeRing offers support group meetings that allow participants to share stories of success during recovery and encourage others to stay free from drugs and alcohol.
  • Hosting Your Own Online Recovery Meeting: if you have an in-person recovery group you’re already connected with, you may want to host a private online meeting with those people. The Recovery Village can help you host a free, anonymous online recovery meeting where you control who has access.
  • Online Chat Rooms: For those who do not have access to a webcam or prefer not to reveal themselves on camera, chat rooms are an option. For example, Women for Sobriety offers free online chat room meetings where women in recovery from drug and alcohol addiction can seek support from others.
  • Apps: With the popularity of smartphones, recovery apps are widely available in today’s technological world. One popular recovery app is Loosid, which provides an online dating application, links to hotline support, information about treatment services in your area and online chat groups.
  • Teletherapy: If social distancing guidelines have made it difficult for you to attend in-person appointments, or if you simply prefer staying at home, teletherapy may be beneficial for you. With teletherapy, you can connect with an addiction counselor and complete your regular one-on-one appointments from home. With a computer, smartphone or tablet that has internet connectivity and webcam capabilities, you can hold face-to-face counseling appointments virtually.

Benefits of Trying Online AA/NA Meetings

If you are new to your recovery journey or simply new to the world of substance abuse recovery at home, online AA or NA meetings may be beneficial for you. It can be difficult to stay sober if you are lonely or lacking support from others, but online recovery groups connect you with others who can offer support and share their experiences with sober living.

These online meetings can also become a regular part of your schedule, helping you establish structure and set goals for recovery. Connecting with others who have lived with addiction can help you to develop strategies for staying sober and being successful on your recovery journey. During online AA and NA meetings, others will share practical recovery tips that you can incorporate into your own recovery journey.

Online recovery meetings can also link you to a mentor or sponsor who can encourage you and motivate you to stay sober. With online meetings, you do not have to be alone during your recovery journey.

How To Find a Virtual AA or NA meeting

If you are interested in finding online AA meetings, you can use the AA Intergroup search tool. This tool provides a directory of online AA meetings that can help you throughout your recovery. NA also provides a search tool for online NA meetings.

Once you find a meeting, ensure that you have the proper technology to access and make the most of the online AA or NA meeting. Ensure that your internet connection is working and that you have a reliable computer or device to use during the meeting. Check the meeting requirements prior to logging on. For instance, some meetings may require a password, whereas others may ask you to provide some sort of identification.

How The Recovery Village Is Making It Easier for People in Recovery To Connect

As connecting with others from home has become a necessity, The Recovery Village has taken steps to make it easier for you to recover and participate in treatment virtually. In addition to providing teletherapy services, The Recovery Village is pleased to host virtual recovery events and provide other opportunities for connection.

For example, our online recovery meetings platform helps support groups host free virtual meetings from the comfort of their homes. We offer virtual alumni check-in meetings to give people additional opportunities to connect. We also hosted a virtual 5K in September 2020 to support alumni from our Palmer Lake location.

The Recovery Village is committed to helping you continue on your recovery journey, even if you must recover from home. We are qualified to treat both addiction and co-occurring mental health issues, and we offer a range of services to meet each person’s unique needs. If you are looking for addiction treatment resources, whether virtual or in-person, we are here to help. Contact us today to learn more about how our treatment plans and programs can help with your situation.

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