The Strategic Prevention Framework

Estimated watch time:
 58 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Ashley Garcia

The Strategic Prevention Framework is the guiding practice in program planning and evaluation.  It is the building blocks for program delivery.  This course will outline the SPF process and detail how to utilize data to assess need, readiness, and program outcomes.


  1. Highlight the building blocks of successful prevention programs with steps to program planning. 
  2. Outline the Strategic Prevention Framework that is the evidence based process that frames and guides prevention work. 
  3. Distinguish the different types of data that are used in prevention and when they are needed to ensure the Strategic Prevention Framework steps. 
  4. Discuss the value that focus groups as a data source brings to prevention planning. 

About the Speakers:

Ashley Garcia is the Prevention Supervisor for Alcohol and Drug Services at Columbus Public Health. She coordinates school based and community prevention programs that target at risk populations in Columbus specifically those impacted by family substance use. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Education from Bowling Green and a Masters of Social Work from Ohio State University.

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