The Role of Functional Medicine in Treating Anxiety

Estimated watch time: 46 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Melanie Short, LCSW

Dr. Karumanchi will define functional medicine and how it is used in the treatment of anxiety and mood disorders. He will describe the multidisciplinary approaches used in functional medicine and the benefits of utilizing a unique blend of modern medicine and ancient, time-tested techniques. 


  1. To define what functional medicine is and how it is used in standard practice
  2. To distinguish alternative approaches to treating anxiety and mental health using function medicine approaches
  3. To understand techniques used in anxiety prevention, such as meditation and mindfulness 

About the Speakers:

Dr. Prudhvi Karumanchi, a practicing Emergency Medicine Board Certified Physician, takes a complete, holistic approach to healthcare. Specializing in cases that other physicians and modalities have been unable to resolve, Dr. K has helped thousands of patients worldwide. Dr. K is Board Certified in Sleep Medicine, Internal Medicine, Geriatrics and Functional Medicine.

Medical Disclaimer

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