The Role of Genetics in Brain Health

Estimated watch time: 42 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Dwight Franklin, MSOM, AP

During this webinar we will be discussing the role of Genetics in Brain Health. We will explain specific genes and what their role is in Brain Function. Finally, we speak in great detail how epigenetics (lifestyle factors) can greatly offset the  genetics that we are born with.


  1. To give attendees a better understanding of how Genetics affect their Brain Health and behaviors. 
  2. To help attendees understand the role of Epigenetics (lifestyle) in regards to Brain Health. 
  3. To give attendees insight into how changes in diet and lifestyle can offset many of our genetic factors that influence our Brain Health.

About the Speakers:

Dwight Franklin, MSOM, AP is an Oriental Medicine Physician who specializes in Functional Medicine. He is the Owner/Founder of The Franklin Family Wellness Institute which specializes in optimizing Brain and Gut Health in both children and adults through the use of Functional Medicine Labs, Food Therapy, Supplementation, and Lifestyle Changes. Over the course of his career Dwight has worked alongside both Pediatricians and Psychiatrists to get the best possible outcomes for his patients.

Medical Disclaimer

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