The Journey of Healing and Recovery After a Loss

Estimated watch time: 61 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Sylvia Dobgima

The goal of this presentation is to create awareness of the impact of loss in our daily lives and what we can start doing today to heal and recover.


  1.  What is Loss
  2. Types of Loss
  3. Grieving after a loss
  4. Healing and Recovering from a loss
  5. Tools you can start implementing today

About the Speakers:

A middle school teacher turned registered nurse, Sylvia is a Certified Canfield Success Coach with a unique ability to empathize and genuinely connect with others – a woman born with the passion and talent for helping, and guiding others to a better life. She is a strong advocate for mental health; and a champion for women and children. Sylvia speaks, trains, coaches and provides consultation in a variety of settings on mental health, life transitions, success and productivity.

Medical Disclaimer

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