Suicide Prevention: Building Confidence in Response to Crises


Estimated watch time: 55 mins 

Available credits: none

Objectives & Summary:

Suicide prevention and crisis response are two very daunting elements of the mental health profession, but with the right tools and right attitude, both can be addressed with calm confidence. This training provides tools and training to build confidence and a safe presence so that attendees can respond well to crisis and suicide risk.


  1. To provide training to assess and address mental health crises and suicide risk.
  2. To boost confidence and readiness in responding to crises.
  3. To enhance the safe presence of responders.

Presentation Materials:

About the Presenter:

Tim Sosin is a trauma specialist practicing in the city of Philadelphia. He is an LPC, Certified EMDR Therapist, and A-CRA Therapist. Since trauma is such an impactful common denominator within the lives of so many, Tim has devoted his career to trauma liberation, relational reconciliation, and the recovery process. Everything Tim does is informed by a desire to see people break through the barriers holding them back, specifically those barriers caused by traumatic experiences and developmental wounds.

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