Promoting the Sober Support Revolution!

Estimated watch time: 49 mins 
Available credits: none
Speaker: Duke Rumely

Just because you don’t drink anymore, doesn’t mean you’re going to lock yourself in your house and never come out. Duke Rumely and his organization, Sober AF Entertainment, provide a clean and sober safe space where people can still get out, do the sporting events, concerts, and music festivals that you love, and do it all with sober people. Learn more about Sober AF Entertainment by attending this presentation.


  1. What is a sober support tailgate and sober section?
  2. Why is it needed? 
  3. What’s needed in Legislation for mandatory sober sections at venues? 

About the Speakers:

Duke Rumely is the Executive Director and Founder of Sober AF Entertainment, SAFE. A National nonprofit that creates safe spaces in fun places. He has hosted over 150 sober support tailgates and sober sections since 2018. Duke and his daughter started Sober AF Entertainment in response to the party culture in Colorado. Duke’s sobriety date is May, 1989.

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